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    2014 KTM 690 Enduro R thoughts

    I bought mine in September 2014 for a birthday present. Unfortunately I have not been able to ride it as much as I would like. However, my first 365 miles were in Death Valley pounding over all the rocky roads and the bike was flawless. In fact I now have to put a sticker on the speedo "Slow...
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    Hauling A Motorcycle With A Truck Camper

    I have a 4 wheel camper on my dodge and a bike rack on the back end. As with everyone else pictured in this thread, you can only open your door partially and you need to tie strap both ends of the rig to keep it from wobbling from side to side. Other than that, keep the bike under 350lbs and...
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    Foxwing awning on pop up??

    I would also like to know. How does it hold up to a light breeze
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    shelter for you and your motorbike

    As an owner of this tent I find it kicks *** over my multiple two man tents any day. A bit heavier indeed but who the hell cares if you not riding on single track rocky soft sand stuff. A two man tent is a miserable experience in all but the best weather. I was elated the first time I set it up...
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    Earthroamer poor customer service

    In those far out regions, washboard roads are the norm. They will beat the hell out of any vehicle over time. Every small problem in the book from a loose dashboard to leaking seals will eventually occur. There is no vehicle on earth that will not break down eventually in those conditions. So...
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    Arizona Strip - 64 gallons later

    So far so good. Keep in coming.:wings:
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    Arizona Strip - 64 gallons later

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    Pictures of Expedition Motorcycles

    My trusty Steed in Big Bear CA. I just love this bike.
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    Alaska 2009

    The one thing I have learned is: If you are the only camper in a wide open area, the next camper will always park right next to you. I can't begin to tell you how many times this has happened to me. It's like they feel safer huddled together for safety Great trip report. Maybe some day I'll...
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    Need ground tent sleep padding solution.

    +1 on the BA I have used every Thermarest made with dismal results. The BA insulated Air Core is by far the best. In fact when my home mattress finally got uncomfortable I popped the BA on it and used it for 2 months straight till I could afford a new mattress. It's guaranteed against failure...
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    Tent Recommendations

    Nomad Tents The bottom line is that every 2 man tent is low to the ground, A PITA to get out of in a hurry, no where to sit in foul weather and you have to lay down to get dressed unless of course you purchase a gigantic dome tent. This alternative I have found for Motorcycle travelers blows...
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    KTM 950 Adventure: Expeditions West builds an ADV

    They sure are pretty all gussied up.
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    KTM 950 Adventure: Expeditions West builds an ADV

    It's not so much of a suitability issue, as it is a injury mitigation issue for me. It's just scares my lower spine to death knowing a large metal box or anything else may come between me and the hood of a car who forgot to put on his brakes. If you get the chance try my set up. You'll find it...
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    KTM 950 Adventure: Expeditions West builds an ADV

    I have now outfitted my 990 so only the camp chair and a 1 Gal Rotopax are on the back rack (6 inches tall). I purchase front panniers from Aerostich http://www.aerostich.com/aerostich-tank-panniers.html and in them I pack the tent (minus the poles) and the ground mat (Big Agnes insulated...
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    Big custom camper sightings

    Congrats on your new Roamer:wings: