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  • Don - Sorry for the delayed response, but I just noticed the message flag on the site. Have a great trip! Wish we were going too! We are hoping to celebrate our 25th anniversary wiht a road trip to the Canadian Maritimes in July or August. I hope to see some pictures of your trip when you get back. If life ever gets a bit more calm, perhaps we can have a Rubicon Rendevous up here at the farm or down in your neck o' the woods.


    Hi Jim K,,, we are neighbors,, I'm down in Berks County, and I like your signature,, My wife and I have been touring together since 1987. Been over landing since 97, I did a bit of wheeling in Southern California a lifetime ago, but have really embraced the idea of long range expeditions. We are leaving for Canyonlands NP the end of April.. Be safe,,, Be good,,, Don
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