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    Driven To Wander - Vancouver to Patagonia

    I’ve also been following your trip, thank you for such great stories and beautiful pictures. Happy new year to you, safe travels !!
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    Happy birthday !

    Happy birthday !
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    The Road Chose Me: Driving a Jeep Wrangler 80,000 miles around Africa for 2 years

    I really enjoy your blog, just spent more than an hour reading and enjoying your pics, also downloaded both ebooks from Amazon, keep up and enjoy.
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    A Central Australian Expedition Tale

    Will some share a bit more info on how and where to apply for a visa, I’m thinking the process can be initiated online, also a trusted reliable freight forwarded for our rig.
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    SOLD GXV Unimog U500 for sale

    I met the seller at EXPO EAST last month, gave me his card. You can try:
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    GXV Patagonia on the Kenworth K370 chassis

    Greg, will you share where you purchased the totes and size, I’m thinking of following your lead on storage.