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  • Hi. Stay in touch. Always cool to be able to collaborate with people working on similar projects. No build yet, but trailslesstraveled.com is always the main anchorpoint for my projects.

    I just logged on and saw you replied. I can't remember your build. I'm planning on doing an m814 and converting it to a crew cab and putting a shorter bed on there. Let me know when you get the build up. i've looked through much of the stuff on steelsoldiers.
    have you posted any official builds on your camper? i've seen you post about it and post a couple pics of it. i'm thinking about getting an m814 or m35a2(haven't decided between deuce or 5ton) to build a camper for me and my future wife to travel once i finish school and start travel nursing. any info on this would be great. thanks.
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