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    Talk me out of trading my pro4x fronty for a new Armada

    Don't do it. Too big, too soft!
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    07BlackSpecV's Junior Overland 2008 Nissan Xterra

    When you go out to Colorado, make sure the do Black Bear Pass. It is fun!
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    Edgestar Slider and extra Drawer

    Did you ever get around to building any sliders? I know this thread has been dead for several years but just curious
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    My first 4x4, a babied GX470.

    Those wheels are a big improvement.
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    Blueberry Gone Wild FJ Build

    Keep the pictures coming!
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    2007 Sequoia...aka The BigTree

    Big tree is looking good. Nice truck!
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    19 days in a Jeep.... Colorado, Utah and a little of Arizona

    Great thread, thanks for sharing. I'm in RVA and hoping to make it out to CO next year for the FJ Summit. I'm very interested to read about your trailer build as I've been thinking about using the JSherb M-trailer as the basis for a build.
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    Hello and happy new year. I'm Jeff and I live in VA. How do you join this group? Thanks in...

    Hello and happy new year. I'm Jeff and I live in VA. How do you join this group? Thanks in advance, Jeff
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    2015/2016 New 3rd gen Tacoma Debut in Detriot

    I think the red Ford looks better than the new Taco!
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    The Restoration And Build Thread For My 1992 FJ80

    Great looking Cruiser. I'll be following along.
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    Oscars WJ overland build

    Your Jeep looks great with the new wheels.
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    1977 FJ40 Raffle! Tickets are $20 each. Max of 2000 sold!

    I bought one! Good luck to everyone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2014 4Runner TE "Momma Bear" Build

    Congratulations on your TE. I'm looking forward to your build.
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    My 04' Tundra Mistress - Keep my LX or Build the Tundy

    Keep the LC. You will kick yourself if you sell it and you won't find another one like it if you feel like you made a mistake. You can easily find another Tundra.