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  • I didn't know that happend to him.
    I put 3000 miles on this one and it was running great when I sold it to him. This is the same setup that I had on my first TA that I put 5000 miles on and sold to a guy in CO that has added 20,000 miles since.
    Hi Jeff:

    I'm buying that nice Transalp you built and sold to Mark Sampson.

    Fortunately, I have a good TA donor engine, so it should be a fairly simple job getting the bike back on the road.

    Wondering about the cause for the rear piston going south. Is it possible, with the dual feeds from the AT tank, that somehow the rear carb was running lean or even dry, and the excessive heat holed the piston?
    I would hate to install a good engine and then have a similar problem.
    Would love to hear your thoughts.

    Pete (Alto, GA)
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