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    Livin' Lite Quicksilver series, feedback welcome

    REDrum, you have a different cabinet set-up inside your Quicksilver 6.0. It looks like somebody replaced the jackknife couch with the cabinets from an 8-series. Do you have more pics and details you can share? I’d like to see what improvements you’ve made, too. Edit- I found this floor plan...
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    1986 Toyota Sunrader Classic 22-re AUTO Fully Restored $37,500 (Lakewood, CO)

    Poor little 22RE. Looks like they increased the weight with the remodel when it was already too much for the engine/tranny combo. Then they throw a scooter on the back?! The front camper window delete looks a little suspect at this price.
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    Livin’ Lite TC2 Aluminum Truck Tent DEN $1k

    Good looking deal on a super light aluminum truck tent camper. I’d buy this if I didn’t live so far away. Livin’ Lite TC2 only 320 lbs. in Denver on the FB Marketplace.
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    bread truck converted to beach buggy?

    There's something fishy about that listing...
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    Pretty cool family hauler van.

    Pretty fancy. I'm not sure showing pics of kids eating Happy Meals in the leather seats is the best way to market your $75k van.
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    Taco Fly-Buy-Drive

    The last stop before Denver was the Teton Teepee Lodge in Alta, Wyoming on the west side of the Tetons.
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    Taco Fly-Buy-Drive

    A nice, original FJ40 at a coffee shop along the way. I suspect one of the regular customers may have owned it since new.
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    Taco Fly-Buy-Drive

    Next stop was the North Cascades National Park. Stunning views to the west of Olympic and Mt. Baker and to the east of the Cascades.
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    Taco Fly-Buy-Drive

    We quickly forgot about our wet feet and frozen gear within a half mile of the campsite when we got a clear glimpse of Mount Olympus.
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    Taco Fly-Buy-Drive

    Our primary goal for this trip was to do some quality backpacking in the Northwest. Our first hike started in the Olympic National Park at the Sol Duc Falls parking lot. We did the 19-mile High Divide-Seven Lakes Basin Loop clockwise at the recommendation of the park ranger who issued us our...
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    Taco Fly-Buy-Drive

    Part II began in September during my son's Fall break. I was concerned about the battery being dead since I forgot to disconnect it before we left it in July. Sure enough, there were no signs of life when we returned. Plan A was to use the small Lithium Ion jumper I bought at WalMart for $20...
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    Taco Fly-Buy-Drive

    I was just reminiscing about the trips I took last year with my son and the Tacoma. I realized I didn't continue the updates, so I'll share a bit more about our ongoing Senior year journeys. After spending two days exploring Glacier National Park before the big fires, including some obligatory...