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    New Bronco

    Thank you. I reserved the Badlands with squas. pack. and the high level so not expecting delivery til next year.
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    No longer available

    Bummer, I would have taken a couple of them.
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    New Bronco

    How long does it take for the dealer to reach out to you? I put in a reservation about 10 days ago and have not heard anything.
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    No longer available

    Where are you located?
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    Coleman Camp Oven Bag

    Not that I have ever seen. Know anyone that sews? This would be a pretty easy project for a sewer.
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    Temp Monitoring for Brakes/Bearings

    What heated up? Brakes, bearings, hub?
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    Power pack to run ARB fridge while camping- questions

    Us as well. We used the ARB harness that runs directly from battery to frig.
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    3 VORSHEER XOC'S will soon be available (Yes, 3 New Trailers!!!)

    I love everything about your trailers, except the exposed wood on the underside. I know it is treated, but still wood.
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    securing gear inside the trailer ???

    I have 2 load bars from harbor freight. I put 3 water cans across the back of trailer and a bar directly in front of them, the 3 plano boxesfollowed by another bar. The front of the trailer is packed with stove, skottle and the soft things to pack tightly. This seems to work very well. The...
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    Exped MegaMat Adapter for Air Compressor?

    Is it one of the self inflating ones? If so, let it self inflate for 45-60 mins then just top it off. Works great for me.
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    Off Road Trailer Group Buy (M416 Style) ***Closed***

    I just ordered a set of the awning brackets. Thanks, and they are on sale.
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    ARB fridge testimonial.

    what hood do you live in?
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    An Important Message - Be Wary Of Allowing People to Your House

    I hope this all works out and you get your money. I stand by the saying, The more people I meet the more I like my dogs. The one thing that I dont agree with is mentioning his race. That has nothing to do with this. IMHO
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    DIY Telescoping Lift for RTT on Trailer

    Thanks for this info. I have been trying to noodle this for a while as I have come up with a bracket design for my m416 to hold the vertical tubes.