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    Tepui Kukenam Roof Top Tent - SOLD

    We have upgraded our Tepui tent and are now selling our Tepui Kukenam. It was purchased late 2014 (November). It has been a great tent, used a hand full of times each year. After every use it was vacuumed out and opened up to make sure it was 100% dry if the morning dew had tried to hang on...
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    Sun Saver MPPT - Users - Question

    The model I have is an older version, not a new one. I sent them a video and it normal.
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    Sun Saver MPPT - Users - Question

    I talked with Morningstar. It is normal operation, when going into regulation mode.
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    Sun Saver MPPT - Users - Question

    @dwh - Monday I'll be on the phone with D, Then maybe C.
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    Sun Saver MPPT - Users - Question

    I will try and take a short video of it over the next few days. It is the control, no other source in the location.
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    Sun Saver MPPT - Users - Question

    Seems to mate a lot, is that normal? :D
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    Sun Saver MPPT - Users - Question

    We are currently running a Sun Saver MPPT 15 on our vehicle, feed by 2x100W Renogy panels . We have a 24v systems. It is running to two brand new Blue Top Optima batteries. Our question is does your controller beep a lot? It seems ours beeps quite a bit. We can't seem to find anything online...
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    Valterra 18 Gallon ABS Water Tank

    Just found this on top of a shelf in the garage, anyone have any Scepter water containers to trade?
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    WTB: BFG KM2 315/75/R16

    Annual bump, changing those tires before camping season.
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    WTB: 2 Person Tent - CA - Bay Area

    Thanks everyone, I was able to pick up a Mountain Hardware Skyview 3, off CL. Super good deal and will be perfect for the trip.
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    WTB: 2 Person Tent - CA - Bay Area

    Still in search...Thank you
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    WTB: 2 Person Tent - CA - Bay Area

    Looking to purchase a 2 person tent for use in a couple weekends. The event is not allowing vehicles within the camp area, so my Tepui can't be used. Not looking for anything special, Bay Area or ship to CA by October 8th. Please PM with any leads. Thank you.
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    1975 Volvo C 303 , Sweedish Military Truck

    @wetdog - I believe Chris sold this Volvo. He had an add over on real4x4, posted AS SOLD.
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    BFG Mud Terrain KM2 315/75R16 One new, 3 used SOCAL

    Ever come to Santa Cruz��