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    Best Sub 100K Trailer available in USA Market (not Black Series)

    I'd do the Kimberly. We have been so close, but decided our Turtleback will work for us until our next kiddo. I think at that point the Kimberly is where we will go unless there is another competitor that arises. I love the hard sides, quick set up and my wife REALLY wants an indoor shower for...
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    Used 2018 CVT Denali Summit Extended tent $2k, $1500, NOW $1250.00!!! (SOLD)

    Someone come buy this and get it out of my garage!
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    WTB CVT Denali Extended I'm in Wichita
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    Expedition trailer options <40k for 2 campers

    Thanks guys, they ended up going a different direction. I appreciate all the input.
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    Used 2018 CVT Denali Summit Extended tent $2k, $1500, NOW $1250.00!!! (SOLD)

    I'm posting this up for sale because I just replaced this tent with a Bundutop. This tent is in good shape, but is not new. It has about 30-40 days camping. There is a small rip in the canvas on the front side of the tent at the hinge that happened the first time it was deployed but has not...
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    Expedition trailer options <40k for 2 campers

    The Boreas looks nice, but for the minimal cost difference the Off Grid kitchen seems way more refined. What would you list as a benefit of the Boreas over the Off Grid Pando 2.0? Am I missing something?
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    Expedition trailer options <40k for 2 campers

    Hello, After camping in our Turtleback with some friends we now have another family wanting to join the community. They are a 2 person family with no dogs and they are looking for a hard sided (teardropish) expo camper. Right now it appears that the Off Grid Pando 2.0 is the top choice. Is...
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    NEW XO Trailer Jack from Ark -

    I just got one of the 350Rs for my turtleback. I currently don't have a jocky wheel, just a front jack. I wish it was a heavier duty model incase I ever needed to use it during a recovery, but my main purpose is allowing me to move my trailer in a controlled manor in an out of my storage shed...
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    Toby the Turtleback Trailer Build Thread

    It’s mounted using a 500lb locking slide and a 1x3 piece of aluminum. The aluminum let me bolt everything up under the tent. I’ll be changing this soon when I get working on the new tent set up. It really works perfectly. My only change would be using a different tent. We are going to go with...
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    New spare tire bag final testing!

    I'd love a ladder bag that held maxtrax against the ladder with the smaller bag outboard for recovery gear. Simply unclip it and you've got all (most) your recovery gear in one bag. Not sure how well the bag would hold up with constant vibration against the maxtrax though. May create too many...
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    Toby the Turtleback Trailer Build Thread

    Traveling we kept the water tank 50%+, one 4 gallon rotopax full and the trailer as you saw, it traveled fantastic. There were times we were going 90mph and you could easily forget it was back there until you gave it gas and really didn’t go anywhere :) I weighed the tongue weight when i was...
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    Toby the Turtleback Trailer Build Thread

    I got the following,I used the rectangular tube to offset it from the nose box. 0.063" (0.1875" holes-0.25" STAGGER) ALUMINUM PERFORATED SHEET 3003-H14 0.75" x 1.5" x 0.125" 6063-T52 ALUMINUM RECTANGLE TUBE You could certainly get thicker aluminum, but once its bolted up to the rectangular...
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    Alternative Solar Panel Installation on Hardshell RTTs?

    I don’t understand your adversion to VHB. It’s not hard to remove, a piano wire slipped between the panel and the RTT will cut right through the vhb and not harm either piece. Also, WD-40 does a great job breaking down the adhesives to easy clean up/removal. I’d use VHB on the boarder with it...
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    5th Gen 4Runner Electrical Management System/Dual Battery

    I am on my second shunt. The first broke a tine that connects to the data cable. Don’t think it was weather related, maybe vibration. I can see your concern, but I haven’t had any issues. That being said I only plug it in over long weekends in the garage (done it maybe 2-3 times). The solar...