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    Amazing ADVENTURE TRAILER - HORIZON for sale

    Thought I'd add another photo from my collection for the Adventure Trailer Horizon for Sale. This is my favorite view in the Rally Fighter... Summer's almost here. P/M me if you're interested in making it a great one!
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    SOLD!!!!! Horizon Adventure Trailer (2009 Model)

    Congrats! We love ours and I know how dad it is to see it go
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    Watned: RTT Southeast US

    I'm selling my Adventure Trailer and there is someone who wants it without the Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour on it. If be willing to split it up if you'd want to come as far as NJ
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    Amazing ADVENTURE TRAILER - HORIZON for sale

    Shreddy - Sure, make me an offer!
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    Amazing ADVENTURE TRAILER - HORIZON for sale

    ClearwaterScott - Thanks for the heads up! I've fixed them. Nice to know that even after 10 yrs, ExPo still has a crappy image uploader...
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    Amazing ADVENTURE TRAILER - HORIZON for sale

    BobcatH - LOL... actually it was in Prescott, for a long time! Then I drove it across country by dirt road to NJ. It would not be a big deal to have it transported back though. Given how rare nice Horizon's are on the market it would probably be worth putting it on a flatbed or getting someone...
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    Amazing ADVENTURE TRAILER - HORIZON for sale

    UPDATE!! The Maggi RTT is now sold (Thank you ExPo) which is even better for you because: a) The trailer is now even cheaper, selling for just $9,300 b) You can put whatever RTT you want on it now and make it perfect for your needs Please let me know if you are interested. Cheers...
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    Sportsmobile vs. XP Camper -- Why the XP Camper Won For Us

    Before I start this response, let me state that I do not own an XP Camper, I have no financial relationship with XP Camper, and I'm not posting this on behalf of anyone other than myself. That being said, I have looked in great detail at almost every camper mentioned in this thread, and imho...
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    Of Lobster and Poutine. A 1986 Tour of the Maritimes.

    ROTFL Hilarious expedition updates, Thanks Christian & Persephone!
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    East Coasters Unite

    We're coming from the New York area. Not sure how early / fast we'll go... would be happy to potentially go in a group, especially if there are any other families going with kids.
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    who is registered and payed for???

    Christian, Tried to register this morning, but the link for step 2 on your website tried to go to instead of - and so broke. When I went there manually, I filled in the form, but then the connection to paypal brok and it dumped me...
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    Eco-Roamer - F650 based Expedition Vehicle

    EcoRoamer on TV TONIGHT! EXCITING NEWS! The EcoRoamer (and us!) are going to be on TV tonight at 9pm on Discovery's Travel Channel. They interviewed us for their special: "Killer RV Upgrades". It turned out really well, and if you want a sneak peak, you can watch it online, here...
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    Eco-Roamer - F650 based Expedition Vehicle

    We're on Jalopnik! I don't know how or why, but the EcoRoamer was Jalopnik's Question of the Day today! Hooray!! Check it out... Cheers, Jay.
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    Looking for Michelin XZL's or alternate 20" tires

    5 years Wow... talk about the ghost of threads past... This posting was from almost 5 years ago. We wound up putting a set of the XZL 445 x 22.5's on the EcoRoamer, and have been very happy with them. They fit the standard Alcoa's and are much more readily available than I first feared...
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    Alaskan Camper Build Up

    Not sure if it is too late for you, but we have been VERY happy with the Sanyo HIP 195W solar panels on the roof of the EcoRoamer - specs here. They've been extremely rugged despite several tree bashings - and the extra power per square inch (they're 195W) really helps. Hope that helps... Jay.