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    Registering under a Montana LLC

    When I lived in Cali I knew several people who drove cars that would not pass Cali smog so they registered them in other states. Often times police will keep track of out of state plates that they see. So you only get to use the "just visiting" excuse once. I have seen this end up in court with...
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    Frame flex and type and kind of spring?

    96485K386 I used these from McMaster with plans to use a higher rate if needed.
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    Awning won't retract without a lot of help

    Yeah I agree. Maybe source a 12v gear motor to adapt and ditch the gearbox that's on it.
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    MB Vario 814D quick release steering wheel adapter and boss

    If you can't find the right part, you could probably dissect a stock wheel for the hub and fabricate a plate on to it that would accept a common quick release.
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    Want to block off egr on 2005 Fuso ?

    Agreed again. EGR works for what it was intended to do but it cause long term issues. Most new stuff does not use EGR, gas anyway
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    Want to block off egr on 2005 Fuso ?

    agreed on material thickness
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    Want to block off egr on 2005 Fuso ?

    Should be easy. I don't know about the computers in those trucks but it might cause it to set a code. Block off plates are simple to fab. If you need some made I can do that for you if they aren't available already.
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    4x4 Short Bus structural mod question (details)

    Wouldn't you be modifying the body and not the frame? I'm not sure using an existing trailer door will save any money especially if someone else does it. It might just provide hurdles to make it work where a from scratch approach would fit the body as needed. I would consider a winch for...
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    Brainstorming ideas for 120v cab heat

    Just use the 12v fan that the truck already has. Maybe use an on board charger or inverter for 12v power. Are you sure the block heater makes enough heat to also heat the entire cab?
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    Power Steering Question.

    My NPR is not at all stock in the suspension department or any other department for that matter but the steering is still heavy at low speeds, off road, like you describe. I haven't done it yet but I will probably add a hydraulic assist ram as is common in the off road world. Not Full hydraulic...
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    Basics of Auxiliary Lighting for the Off-road Adventure and Camping Rig

    No doubt but that doesn’t prevent misuse or over use. I’m talking about lights everywhere on a truck that never moves after dark or enough lights in camp that anyone nearby could read a book.
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    Rickson wheel alternative

    Any more info on the OTR option? I don’t see wheels on their site. Do they have other size hoops?
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    NPR 4wd conversion and camper build thread.

    Progress on the cab. All painted, new windshield which was surprisingly cheap, new floor mats, etc... I'm going to pack the B pillars and the rib across the back of the cab with foam too. The headliner is getting covered in some sort of felt for softness and noise reduction and there will be...
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    Heavy Duty rear shock recommendations

    These are close. Pretty good shock and cheap.