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    1988 FJ62 aussie ute. Built overland rig. SOLD

    yea, but,....what bout that international in the background?
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    Built 2002 Tacoma Double Cab Ltd TRD 4wd - Charlotte , NC - NEW PRICE

    do you have maint records? timimg belt? trans service, etc...
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    Wanted: 2005 (+-) Tundra 4wd Low Milage Unicorn (Help Me)

    been looking myself for awhile now, those things show exactly what "things are worth what people are willing to pay" 15-20k for a truck that old? geez.... stepside? ugliest tlamps ever... always thought i could make jerry can holders out of the tlamp pockets and have a bumper with lamps in...
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    2003 e350 Ford 4x4 van value

    wow, so much for just getting an honest opinion here now.........i wouldnt spend a dime on it, if your selling, get a decent price and move whatever you want. i would think, as is its probably a 12k or so van
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    2001 Toyota Tundra 4x4 mildly build

    yes, more pics,..if still available
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    1987 Toyota Van 4x4

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    need a manual trans

    yea, saw it,.... claims guy so i see car-part many times a day....i will call them tomorrow. there are a few around me closer but most have high miles, or, " its just a broken tailshaft,bellhousing,etc.......i already have a broke one, thanks..... anyone know anything about rebuilt ones...
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    need a manual trans

    99 v6 4runner, 5 spd. all the one around here seem like too much$$ or have tons of miles and are older than mine...any leads would be appreciated
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    Here we go again! trying something new... lightweight toy hauler...

    i was trying to do the same thing, an all aluminum trailer and my palomino to take on/off. finally gave up and just lifted the pop up for some 13" tires (from 8"), but for the flatbed i used this or decking..
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    Cargo-Camping 5x10 enclosed trailer

    think i'd use the money to move...............
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    My 1968 Apache/ 2015 adventure trailer

    bonomonster, try and find an aluminum boat trailer used. sometimes you can find them cheap. thay are light, bolt together and typically have the wheels set back farther than a landscape trailer, like a popup, and are built to haul things that are heavier than the trailer looks like it could handle
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    "will ship to united states", located in united states?