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    ARB 37L fridge help

    I swapped out the controller board - didn't change anything
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    12.1 Liter 2-stroke diesel powered 8x8 - Oshkosh MK48 LVS Dragon Wagon

    Amazingly enough, it still gets X miles per gallon. The M1 Abrams Tank is rated at Gallons per mile
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    VW Syncro Westfalia 4x4

    No affiliation. Weirdly it showed up in the Chicago area craigslist.
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    2016 MB Sprinter 144 4x4

    No affiliation.
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    Ram EcoDiesel towing questions

    Also a Jeep EcoDiesel owner(with 100K on the odometer) and I pull a combined 5200lb fully enclosed trailer/load routinely in the warmer months. With electric brakes you don't know its there. With the GDE tune in it, its fun to have tongue on tap. 19mpg pulling the trailer is easy to attain.
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    NAS LR3 build with an overseas twist

    Everything is a distance to be sure. Barely enough ice to do anything. Ice caves are quite nice, but kinda bum'd the park service started charging(revenue) for something that happens in nature and was free until 2 years ago. In any regards - love reading your postings!
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    1969 Land Rover Series IIa - Southern Wisconsin

    No affiliation:
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    My ZR2 Colorado and Canyon Saga

    The bumpers dramatically improve the looks of the ZR2 front end. And in bringing back fog/driving lights, improve the functionality as well. Great work.
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    NAS LR3 build with an overseas twist

    I'm in between Marengo and Mason, very near Wildcat Road. I could take you up to the now-defunct USFS lookout tower for a great-almost-drone-like-view. 50/50 chance the access road might be impassible, even for the Landie. And its been colder. A lot colder. Three years ago Lake Superior was...
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    NAS LR3 build with an overseas twist

    Aww hell! Wish I'd known you were here in WI. Would've loved to see the rig in person. Maybe next time you venture back to da' Nortwoods.
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    Can you still get the BFG old version All Terrain KO?

    Lack of a bead protector, and very few modern sizes that aren't load range E rated. Sidewalls are actually functional, and the tires do a decent job of self-cleaning. rock ejectors are a nice touch.
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    2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2

    First world problems right there! I had a '04 2500HD with the same engine. All stock save for some 305 tires. 12 all day long. Hang the plow on and it was 10. Felt your pain, except I traded it less than a year later for a '05 demo Duramax LLY.
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    2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2

    Your fuel economy would double instantly. Plus its 13 years newer, there's bound to be a few other things that catches your wow factor.
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    2014 Grand Cherokee Overland EcoDiesel 4x4 - Cheeto

    Get yourself a green diesel engineering tune for the Jeep, and then you can really enjoy the vehicle for what it is intended. 105,000 trouble free miles on my '14 EcoDiesel.
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    ARB 37L fridge help

    You missed the boat - we both HARD WIRED it directly to a battery and both had the same(lack of) results. That being said, mine worked flawlessly for almost 5 years on the standard 12v cig plug, so I would have to disagree with you.