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    Best $200 (or less) Tool Kit for College Student?

    My rule of thumb: Only give tools I know the recipient knows how to use safely. Depending on my time and relationship, I will spend the time to quiz them and/or demonstrate its use.
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    Truck Camper that Sleeps 4?

    When I bought my 8' Grandby it was set up to sleep 5: 2 on overhang, 3 on queen down; all east/west. With enough room in the back for a small fridge and one person standing (two if you're hugging). If you are handy you could remodel a 6.5' or 8' with a table/bed in the front that sits 4 and...
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    Hallmark let me down

    My FWC Grandby is 45 years old; original exterior. Heard ATC is pretty responsive to customers.
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    Human 💩, Part Two (since the original got locked)

    And the government will mandate flame retardant on TP that will eventually give you colon cancer.
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    Can someone smarter than me please explain…

    Nope. Similar problem: there is not enough electricity going to farms to power planting and harvest. A couple of week window when a crop farm uses 80%+ of its energy. We will need a massive generation, storage, and distribution rural upgrade for that to happen. Diesel, gasoline, and natural...
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    FWC shell builds

    I'll add mine to the mix:öldpaddan-–-1977-grandby-interior-build/
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    BLM Accepting Comments on E Bike Use on Public Trails but only thru June 9th

    Is this where we want to redraw the line? 'Anything I could do when young and healthy I should be allowed to do in the same place with motor assistance.'
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    How do you level your rig when camping?

    Truma leveling app and lego blocks.
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    RV Refrigerators - what is the current trend?

    One doesn't need that big a system. I run a 2.0 cu.ft. NorCold compressor fridge (my biggest energy consumer) on 200W solar and 208AH GC2 batteries. Usually at 80% in morning (Trimetric 2030 reported) and 100% by 1 pm.
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    Stealth (safe) Generator inside compartment mods

    You might want to google "generator quite box" or "generator silencer box" for ideas.
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    Tired of Old Junk but no Interest in Newer 4x4s

    Or bought a house in LA in the '70s.
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    Paint for bare metal trailer and frame.

    POR-15 if you want it to last. Spray painting requires special equipment. You can apply it with a brush; paint outside (outgases isocyanates) with a breeze. One of my projects has lasted 30 years of hard use. With any coating, prep is 90% of it lasting.