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    Driving a 30’ Box Truck Over Engineer Pass, in an attempt to prove SWB 4x4 drivetrains aren’t really needed....

    There's a joke around here that no matter how bada$$ your rig, no matter how tough the trail, there'll be a clapped out 1996 Subaru Outback on stock tires and suspension at the top.
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    Cooper S/T Maxx vs Toyo A/T 3

    Tires of the same size are going to have the same size contact patch with the ground. To support more weight in the same area, the tire is going to experience more pressure. Higher rated tires are built to withstand more pressure safely. If you put more weight on a tire it's going to bulge under...
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    Ideas for improving cellular reception IN my truck box.. (living space)

    I've heard of passive signal boosters that are basically two antennas connected by a wire, one outside and one inside. No idea if they actually work or not, but likely cheaper than a repeater or booster.
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    Moving from a Tacoma to an SUV, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

    For what it's worth, I think most of the common issues have pretty good aftermarket solutions on the GMT800 and 900 platforms, and just about anything is going to have its own set of issues. Being that you're already familiar with the GM side of the house, that's all the more reason to get one...
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    Talk me out of a GPSmap 64

    Yeah, I definitely don't want to be too dependent on any one form of navigation. Granted it's been years since I tried, but offline maps on a cell phone with zero cell service just wasn't the experience I wanted it to be. I'll try Gaia out and compare that with maps/dedicated GPS and see which I...
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    "Skinny" tires on a Full-Size?

    Definitely report back, I'm interested in these tires as well as a potential future upgrade path.
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    Talk me out of a GPSmap 64

    I think I'll pull the trigger on it just to play with. I'm not expecting a whole lot from it, just to help me orient my paper maps and see topo and get used to GPS mapping. I prefer the physical buttons and the AA battery compatibility of the GPSmap series, and even on the newest touchscreen...
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    Talk me out of a GPSmap 64

    So Costco has the GPSmap 64 (no maps) for $170. I don't plan to use this for vehicle navigation but rather for hiking and biking and as a backup GPS. Eventually I'd like to get a 66i or the new Montana 700i with InReach but it's not in the budget right now. I like that the older GPS takes AAs...
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    Moving from a Tacoma to an SUV, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

    Have you considered something like a 2000-2006 Tahoe or Suburban? Plenty reliable, seats lots of people, cheap to buy and parts are cheap and plentiful, and for someone 5'8", sleeping in the back with the second row of seats in place is doable in the Suburban. The second row folds flat in...
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    New Raptor..Ram killer

    I'd be willing to bet there's two trims of Raptor coming, or they move the Raptor upmarket a smidge and make a cheaper new trim. V8 Raptor with the GT500 engine or some such, and something Ecoboost powered and not quite as over the top to target the regular Rebel. I wish they'd make the FX4...
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    New Garmin Montana 700 Series GPS Units with 5" Touchscreen and InReach Capable

    Probably going to be a toss up between a 66i and the 700i for me. I do wish there was a viable competitor to Garmin, they've lost a lot of my trust after their ransomware attack last week, but I'm not aware of an all-in-one GPS and satellite communicator device that's in the same ballpark as far...
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    Best full size SUV under $7,000

    3/4 ton Suburbans/Yukon XLs came with the 4l80e from the factory, along with a 14-bolt instead of the smaller 10 bolt. They're more durable trucks and can handle a lot more towing/payload than the half-tons at the expense of initial purchase price and fuel economy. I vote for buying the lowest...
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    Window tint

    So cops can see through illegal tint but regular people can't? Got it. In my state, 35% front, 20% rear, 35% to the AS-1 line on the windshield is legal. The previous owner did limo tint all the way around, and my car is black/black, so it's impossible to see inside in any conditions beyond...
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    Thoughts on the new Tahoe Z71/Yukon AT4?

    I just wish you could get the 3.0 diesel like you can in the Sierra AT4. I understand there's packaging issues but it'd have been awesome to have an AT4 Yukon that also gets 30mpg on the highway, or at least close to it. In my area diesel and 87 E10 are about the same price, so it'd cut my fuel...
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    GM 4.8?

    I was thinking it might be something like that. You see it in a lot of fleet trucks and vans so maybe to give them the illusion of saving money. That being said I recall someone putting a 4.8 crank in a bored out 6.2L block to build a ridiculously high revving LS, it redlined at 8k or...