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    why are rooftop tents so expensive?

    Amen brother. Any person that has ever worked in retail knows this (except those that are paid to mop floors...maybe). So, and this is the real you think that the person or business that is selling you an RTT bought and imported for 2K deserves the extra 1.8K markup that they are...
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    Electric Chain Saw???

    Last weekend I used my Stihl battery saw to remove a tree from the road (in order to get to one of my favorite camp sites). Gotta say that my "Testosterone Footprint" has increased dramatically. Even though I've been storing it with the blade removed, it didn't take but a few minutes to install...
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    Sewing Thread....A discussion on making your own adventure textile gear.

    I met up with a family pal today, and he is going to sell me a Viking for $35.00. Yup, $35. He is moving his shop and has to "get rid of stuff". in his words, "It works, has a geared low-range, walking foot, and reverse". Pretty excited. Gonna learn to sew and cheap is good!
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    New trucks and 4low...

    I always tow at 4+ the speed limit. Or, I would, if my little pansy-azzed Jeep COULD tow anything at 4+ the speed limit. As it stands, I'm lucky to hold 4+ without a trailer. 3.8 liter + trailer = "+4 ain't gonna happen".
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    Animal strikes and brush bars

    I don't remember. All I remember is that my "big and fancy truck" drove like a POS after the strike. I was young and that truck was my pride and joy. Very sad, lol.
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    2dr jk, tent mounted directly on hardtop....

    I'm sure you probably know this...but I believe that the Gobi racks will hinge backwards so that you can open and close a soft top.... If that's true it would be pretty slick. Though working the hinge with the weight of an RTT on top might be a good trick.
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    2dr jk, tent mounted directly on hardtop....

    Ask and ye shall receive: I found this pic on the Interwebs in 2015 when I was researching my JK options and thought it looked really cool. Note the straps that he ran over the A-pillars. But, I'll bet that the setup above is a squeaky, leaky fiasco. The fiberglass top isn't meant to hold...
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    2-Door JK JeepKitchen - AT Chaser - Globetrotter - National Luna build thread

    Finally found a use for the smaller of my Arcteryx Khard backpacks (30 liter). It's now my shooting bag. Just right for three pistols and all the accessories: This combined with the camp table and my chair make for a very convenient little shooting bench/range. The best part is that I don't...
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    2-Door JK JeepKitchen - AT Chaser - Globetrotter - National Luna build thread

    Little Bo dribbled in my tent again when I was luring him to "go down the ladder with me" that morning. When I yelled at him for dribbling, his sister wouldn't come near me and then dribbled when I went in to grab her. I realize that I didn't handle this well, so after THIS little fiasco (and...
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    2-Door JK JeepKitchen - AT Chaser - Globetrotter - National Luna build thread

    I found the best local camping site to date in my area. At the end of a long, rough road, lots of trees, water near by (though not really drinkable), and didn't see a single person for two days. A nice and level parking spot that was under trees and had shade both in the evening and morning...
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    Electric Chain Saw???

    Adding bar oil isn’t the problem. Cleaning up bar oil that has leaked all over your rig is the problem. ;)