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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Top of Daniel at Uwharrie
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    Ultimate camp shoe?

    I used to live in desert boots - until you just couldn't find them any more. Crepe soles, very comfortable, easy to slip and on and off - and cheap! Yes you had to tie the laces but for about fifteen years it was my shoe of choice.
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    Smallest EZ-up

    A 1995 Eriba Puck that I imported from the UK early last year. They are made in Germany. It's 12' long and weighs around 1000 lbs. They were designed to be towed by Volkswagens and other small cars. It's my third Eriba travel trailer - or caravan as they are called over there. It's the perfect...
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    Smallest EZ-up

    I've used a couple of the Bus Depot awnings that are sold to VW Bus owners - they clamp onto the rain gutter and come in two sizes. Very sturdy and very compact when folded up. Here's a picture of the smaller size mounted on my travel trailer. They have optional side panels that attach via...
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    Sold my RTT...Why??

    I bought a Terrapod SOLO because there is no way I would ever get my wife to climb a ladder into a roof tent. I have a small travel trailer if she wants to tag along but for those trips where I'm traveling alone its a great option. Plus I have around two feet of room left over on the roof rack...
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    Autohome vs James Baroud

    My opinion is that Maggiolinas are much better - I had a used Maggiolina on my truck for ten years with absolutely no complaints. A friend of mine had a James Baroud and sold it after one year - he said he had quality issues with the JB. He's had several different brands of roof tents and liked...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

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    Looking for hard shell tent that opens and overhangs to left (US driver's) side

    Terrapod wedge tents can be entered from either side or the back, plus they are lighter and lower profile than any roof tent that I am aware of. My Terrapod Solo weighs 85 lbs and is just over 5" tall.
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    Giving Up on Sleeping in My Vehicle

    A friend of mine just bought this Element to carry his dogs around. He is removing the graphics.
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    How do people wash their greasy pans?

    Just set outside and let Yogi Bear clean it for you....
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    Tired of all the "huge" RTT's. So I made my own.

    I've watched Chad develop and prototype this tent for years - with his background in design and experience in the aircraft industry (building them - not flying them) - its a very well thought out and executed design. After watching this project from his first prototype to the latest production...
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    Watches.......the other type!

    A friend of mine has his dad's DOXA - its built like a tank. It could do double duty as a diving weight. I've seen and held a few Doxa's - I couldn't tell you what models they were but they look like the Land Rovers of watches - plus I'm a sucker for orange dials. Seiko makes a very nice quartz...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    At British Motor Car Day last weekend
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    Watches.......the other type!

    My Rolex Turn-O-Graph is the direct ancestor of the Submariner - it was the first Rolex with the rotating bezel and my grandfather bought it new in 1954 (he had very good taste). I had it thoroughly gone through by a master Rolex repairman a few yeas ago but we went to great lengths to retain...
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    New Defender News

    I've been adding improvements to my Defender 90 for over 16 years and still have a list of things to do. Its a short list now but still a list. I'm going to try to keep the list shorter on the new 110 since I don't expect to try to take it on the terrain I'm willing to tackle in the D-90. I'll...