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    Grand Canyon,North Rim; July 20 - 27, 2013

    WOW! This adventure is so great. With all the great views and fun experience this trip is worth all the sacrifices and hardship. I really like the extraordinary beauty of Grand Canyon. This place is so amazing that you will ask the question how did it happen? ha ha ha...I'm just curious...
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    Iceland Willderness, August 2013

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pics. This is such a cool bonding for a lovely couple like you. Iceland has a lot of beautiful places and you have captured them all. If I will have a girlfriend, I will surely do the same thing with you guys. But we will explore our own country first before...
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    Around Australia in a Land Rover

    I enjoyed reading your trip. I love all the places that you visited specially the waterfalls and the sunset in Gibb River campsite. I am happy to know that your wife, Trish is recovering now. It seems that she was not diagnosed with breast cancer since she is very active. Enjoy yourselves guys.
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    Glacier National Park, Banff Canada Failure and Yellowstone

    Such a great photos. With all the lakes and falls this trip is so amazing. Iceberg Lake and Glacier are breathtaking as well as Ptarmigan Lake. St. Mary Falls and Virginia Falls are wonderful. 3 days hiking is worth all the pain with all the beautiful scene along the way. Thanks for sharing us...
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    Iceland Adventures March 2013 Part 2

    That was a whole lot of chill and coooool trip. The Hekla Volcano was so perfectly captured in a sunset, right? that is so fantastic. This place is just so awesome, specially those 'Walk' on the trail. The lava formations in Myvatn Lake fantastic. Waterfall is fantastic too. I just repeat...
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    Summertime MAZE District and Mountains of Southern Utah.

    Really, that was a wonderful capture it makes me want to go to that place when I saw your photo. I envy this adventure you have. Are you not having a hard time on your way to the giant rocks?
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    Southern Sierra Chimney Peak Byway

    Thank you for sharing these. That's just so beautiful capture you have in Domelands Wilderness. The sunset is just so lovely. You can't blame me since I am a hopless romatic person. Ha ha ha. When I went to Manila bay in Philippines as the place is so famous for the beautiful sunset, it was just...
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    San Antonio to the Rockies and above

    Great photos for wonderful adventure. If someone is looking for a thrill, I would definitely recommend them Mosquito Pass for their adventure road as it really really looks so cool and exciting . This place will let you enjoy your trip and at the same time be amaze to see those wild animals that...
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    Family Trip Colorado July 2013

    This is one great family adventure. Exposing your children at the very young age in this kind of family trip is so cool. I wish I had this kind of adventure with my family when I was young but sad to say, my parents were all so busy with their work. That's the reason why we did not have this...
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    From Tucson to the Redwoods...

    You got nice photos out there. This adventure is so amazing. Wow! Passing the golden gate bridge is so cool. What I like most was when you got through the BIG Chandelier tree with your big truck which is so cool :smiley_drive:. It's like going through a cave. Thanks for sharing your awesome report.
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    Summertime MAZE District and Mountains of Southern Utah.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful moment you had. This is such an awesome report. I love these pictures very much. I will definitely check those spots someday. Mountain climbing is my hobby, i do it with my friends . I know climbing is a risky hobby but I just want to ask if it's safe to climb...
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    Two Plateaus and a Canyon; Northern AZ

    Gonna rate this photo to perfect 10! I enjoy viewing these photos. Breathtaking one, specially the Sowat's Point and Fire Point :wings:. I am not going to miss this on my "Must See" places. I am actually taking note of the places I discovered specially beautiful and awesome ones from the blogs I...
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    Eastern Sierras Fly Fishing: Rock Creek Area 6-7-2013

    Jaw Dropper photos!!! :victory: These just made me thank God for the wonderful creations. Isn't it amazing? Anyway, fishing in the lake is a fantastic idea. I will surely try that in the next weekend. I am going to share this blog to my friends so they will be inspired to visit the place. We...
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    Summertime MAZE District and Mountains of Southern Utah.

    So thankful of you for sharing these beautiful photos. Great captures you got in there. I just love those 'Giant Rocks'. Awesome photos! :Wow1: I am loving the place and your photos are to be blame of it. ha ha ha. By the way, what kind of camera are you using when taking these lovely pictures?
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    Southern Washington Trip in my Audi

    Wow! You definitely got an amazing adventure. Thanks for sharing us your pictures. It seems that your dogs are having fun. I have a dog as well and he's such a good buddy. If I will be given a vacation then I will definitely bring my dog along with me.