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    AEV Outpost II project? prototype?

    It was said in a video, they would need an other 2-3 years if they ever wanted to commercialise this baby. But lets be real this will never happens. if i remember correctly, the only exterior piece stock is the front fender or something like that. it is alot of work to build and $$$$$$
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    Has anyone installed a Propex heater inside the Jeep?

    its a super interesting subject, post picture when you are done.
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    New JL - Rubi vs Sport for basic Overland travel

    I went with a sport for the JK, if you want to keep a JL stock (wich is impossible) the rubicon can fit 35.
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    Ursa Minor J30 rubicon for sale

    any chance to sell the j30 only?
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    Wrangler top choice?

    Ive put on the Hard top for 3 years now, I like to be able to not care about the hardtop and climb on it.
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    the good old M101 CDN, still working on it
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    Added these last WKD: ML-ACR Yellow Top Terminal Dual battery tray So i now have the dual battery setup to power my electrical need for a longer stay at the same spot. and boost myself in case of emergency.
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    Damon's White JLU Rubicon

    nicely done , love the new JLUR
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    Some picture of the never ending winter. working currently on the bumper and electrical. got a new tent that i cant wait to try out. more to come when the temperature will go back in the normal.
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    Building Arrakis (2016 JKUR)

    congrats and welcome in the family!
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    Just ordered. My new 2018 Jeep JLU Rubicon!!!!

    Congrats on your purchase, I did go to the dealership yesterday after reading your story, at 55k before taxe it is way higher then what I can afford.
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    Should I buy a jeep

    No rubicon, but here are my pro and cons; Con: Not a lot of room in the back and cargo with big family. the noise on the road. Gas. Pro: Best price for offroad veh Best market for after market piece Door and top off, but I rarely do it these day
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    New JL???

    And who cares if one does not go in the hardest place with his jeep? This is a modernized wrangler.
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    New JL???

    I really like the new addition. But I am not a big fan of the light in the fender. I cant wait to get new detail about the diesel engine.
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    JKUR with Teraflex Prerunner posing in a parking lot.

    Nice one, I tought it was suppose to be mostly a bolt on kit.