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    “One size fits all” stove/camp cooking setup?

    I've moved away from propane stoves, and back to multi fuel (white gas/unleaded) Coleman two burner. If you are not particular about it having to be "NEW", check your local Craigslist for one. In my basic effort to get my setup, I eventually ended up with 5 of these things, as I find them so...
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    The Tacobox Build - A Mini Baja Surf Camper

    You can use some plastic hose to keep the struts from collapsing. Find some plastic/vinyl tubing at your hardware store that has the ID to match the piston OD, and can be flexed a bit but still hold it's shape under pressure. Slice the tubing so it has a slit the entire length of it. Cut...
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    Trailer Hitch Hammock Mount

    Maybe add a front hitch to your truck.
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    Stock Vehicles in the Wild ???

    Granted I don't cover the globe, or try to tackle the jungle, but I did just fine touring the SE Oregon desert for two weeks. Over 350 miles of it was heavy wash board gravel roads, rutted out trapper trails, and some steep switch backs going into the back country. Many many trips of playing...
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    Mounting RTT on roof solo

    Beer + Pizza + Friends = RTT loaded easily.
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    Toilet Paper transportation and dispensing

    Google "cotton buds toilet tissue to go". This is a tubeless roll of TP that is in a small dispensor. Easily fits in the truck door pocket, glove box, pocket, back pack, tackle box....etc.
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    Increase Traction w/o a rear locker? How?

    A trick that I had used to free my old '85 Toyota with open diffs when I had one rear and opposite front stuffed up in the wheel well and aimed head first towards a deep ravine. My only option was to back up, but my two unweighted tires would just spin. No winch, no hi-lift jack, no other...
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    Does anyone know a John Winslow from California?

    Not sure if this helps, but found these links regarding a John Winslow:
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    Fitted sheet for Autohome Medium mattress?

    I use a "full" size mattress set of sheets. With the cut outs on all 4 corners of my Maggiolina Airtop for the lift arms, the sheet has more than enough excess material to cover and tuck in around the entire Autohome mattress even with a 1.5" cut to fit memory foam topper added.
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    Proposed 1k fine for vehicles over 20 years old in Oregon

    I would venture to guess that most of these goons were unemployed, non voting clowns, or shipped in by Soros to keep Portland weird.
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    Proposed 1k fine for vehicles over 20 years old in Oregon

    Yeah, I don't understand where this is going? One, it will make owning a running paid off vehicle unnecessarily more expensive and for what gain? Two, retired folks on fixed incomes, low income families, high school and college kids trying to make it through school on a budget with a cheap...
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    Heavy duty boxes at local ReStore (Habitat 4 Humanity)

    Just wandered through the Forest Grove Habitat for Humanity ReStore and they had a huge stack of heavy duty box crates and such that were originally for manufacturing tool parts kits from Intel Corp. I would imagine they would make great chuck boxes or overland storage containers. Cheap too...
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    Off-road teardrop scratch-build

    I like your mapping things out on the wall with blue tape. That can really bring things into perspective and give you a feel for reality on how things will be for real. Out of curiosity, are you welding with flux core?
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    Best roof top tent ever.

    I have a buddy that camps with me when we go to the coast for some off shore kayak fishing. I built a trailer with a Maggiolina Airtop on it for me to sleep in, and we put a 12' x 12' Quik Shade up next to it. He has one of the single Tent Cot units on the ground, yet still under the Quik...