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  • I spent several years browsing, learning, contributing and meeting other truck camper owners at RV.Net forum in the truck camper section. You may have run across NATCOA (North American Truck Camper Owners Association) in your searches, and I would suggest avoiding it. I personally know the owner/creator of this website and although he has good intentions with the website, he is deceitful, and borderline insane in my opinion. He acts like he is the Truck Camper Messiah of the world in many ways. He has been banned from RV.net for his preaching of NATCOA, but keeps coming back with a different username.

    Good luck on your travels.
    Looking at photos of your rig, it appears you are doing what I have in mind. I have a Chevy 2500 Duramax 4X4 with a newly acquired Lance 815 and plan to haul a Wells Cargo 12' box trailer with an ATV and duel sport mc. Additional fuel, water, solar, batteries, outdoor furniture, etc. I plan to visit BLM dispersed camping sites, perhaps the hot springs in Saline Valley (Death Valley), etc. Nothing too extreme, but do prefer boondocking in remote places.Do you have any advice to offer or suggestions as to forum sites that might be of interest?
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