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    (SOLD) Freespirit Recreation High Country 80" Tri-Layer RTT

    It appears I can deliver to Moab area in late March. If that’s helpful.
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    Some decent Plano totes at Home Depot

    FYI looks like Amazon is blowing out the big ones for $25.
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    (SOLD) Freespirit Recreation High Country 80" Tri-Layer RTT

    Well you made me look! My invoice calls it High Country. I think the distinction is the High Country ones are fold-out-and-up vs. pop-up-and-done. Which is how you get the behemoth mattress size.
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    (SOLD) Freespirit Recreation High Country 80" Tri-Layer RTT

    Yep, iKamper if you absolutely want hard shell. That said, this tent’s mattress is like 20 inches wider, which is what tilted me toward it for the family (and the insulation in this one, but to be honest I didn’t think I’d wind up appreciating that part as much as I did). But I would’ve gone...
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    (SOLD) Freespirit Recreation High Country 80" Tri-Layer RTT

    EDIT: Sold. Welp. I'm probably going to regret getting out of this thing, but. Winter sale! This is the big insulated one, sleep the whole family warmer and cooler. I did a full write-up on this tent with a ton more pics here: GoFSR Tent Review Vital statistics: Put away super clean...
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    2003 Mercedes 1823 overland expedition truck

    Spectacularly well done. I’m on the wrong side of a border to own this, but someone will snap this up. Good luck with the sale!
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    Random Scenic Shots

    Buddy of mine taking a (probably better) picture of the Turks Head, just off the White Rim Trail. But I like my shot. :)
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    G55 Tire upgrade (Size question)

    As an alternative, consider 16” wheels and bigger sidewalk tires, keeping your ultimate diameter the same. I did this with Atiks, but there are several wheel options out there.
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    G500 CD changer / battery swap

    Your cubby is all sorts of awesome.
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    Guana Equipment Morpho 270* Awning - the $350.00 dollar awning review

    (Probably) stupid question: couldn't you drill a couple of offset holes near the bottom of the poles and stake them in that way?
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    Ram mounts..... too many options

    I can tell you what not to do: don't mount a long gooseneck mount to the floor (or anywhere else) unless you only check your tablet when you've been sitting still for at least 30 seconds. :)
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    Camp Tables - What are you using?

    We use these also. I probably bend over more than I'd like, but my brain is wired to pack the kind of cylinder bag it rolls into.
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    alu cab expediton 3 my fourth and final RTT

    Good look at it, thanks! Now if I could somehow justify having a second tent for when I'm not traveling with the whole family, this would be the ticket.