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    BudgetEverything’s Tundra Overland....thing.... build.

    Nice build. Any pics of the repaired cross member?
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    Things to hate about a 2020 Tacoma...

    All those $$ gas cans on the side of the truck don’t actually have gas in em?!
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    Things to hate about a 2020 Tacoma...

    Gas up at a quarter tank? Shouldn’t let it run down that far anyways.
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    Jake’s 1st Gen Tundra Camping Build & Trips

    Which tires? My KO2 have finally settled out after 5k miles. Shake at 60-65 initially.
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    Cabin Fever 2005 double cab Tundra "build"

    That overload would have given you more lift (stating the obvious) but IMO sacrifices some ride quality. Also running the wheeler 3 pack and rear bilstein. Truck looks good.
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    1st gen Tundra frames

    04-06 are NOT safe. Inspect thoroughly.
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    Hanzos 2007 RCSB Tundra Build

    Almost looks like it has a plastic floor? How do you like that steam cleaner? Nice truck.
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    2001 Tundra Suspension Input Requested

    The 05/06 first gen tundra is still a 15 year old truck. It’s going to need routine maintenance including all the things mentioned in this thread. Just the cost of driving one. A lower mileage unit might prolong it but bushings wear out with age etc. Good luck with the search.
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    2001 Tundra Suspension Input Requested

    Typically you need to cut the cam bolts with a sawzall. Get the diablo blades. If you google it there is a good YouTube showing the job from 1stgenoffroad.
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    2001 Tundra Suspension Input Requested

    Re: LCA, the moog are fine. It’s not a critical component t. Plan to also install oem cam bolts as your old ones are likely seized. Havent done the rack yet but most people seem to get by with the reman racks and poly bushings. taking care of the maintenance would be priority over lift.
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    2005 Tundra novice build - "The Rez"

    Kpack, did you use the same oem bolt specs on your rear shocks with your hardware store bolts? I have the same rattle you identified and swamped in new oem bolts but feel they are too small In diameter somehow. The rattle has returned for me. Cheers
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    2005 Tundra novice build - "The Rez"

    Glad it worked well for you and great to see the results! I just laid down 2 cans on my rusty frame.
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    Trailscape's 06 Tundra

    The 60-70mph shake appears to be common on the KO2. If you drive long distance on Highway I would think twice.
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    Trailscape's 06 Tundra

    I’d reconsider the KO2. Read reviews on getting them balanced. As much as I like the tire, the highway vibration is frustrating