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    Any regrets from teardrop users?

    Very good and helpful thread. Read though it all. Thanks.
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    BEHOLD: The Teal Terror, aka, Project 1995 Suzuki Sidekick

    I bought a 98 Chevy Tracker a couple months ago. Had 78K miles and new Bridgestone 235/75R15 tires (five of them). I bought it for $1000. The glitch was that the dash had been removed and some of the parts (HVAC) were missing. I found a complete donor car at a salvage yard and got all the parts...
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    Gullwing on ZJ...YEP, Haters gonna Hate

    Excellent work. (it is nice to have access to a shop the caliber of yours.) Great idea.
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    Idaho Fall Trip (Pictures)

    There has been threats to close the trail to motorized vehicles by including it into the extended White Clouds wilderness area. The wilderness area has passed in congress but the Boulder trail was excluded from the wilderness area. So, for now at least, it is open for the future. I go there...
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    Idaho Fall Trip (Pictures)

    Thanks Brett. Nice photos and a great trip.
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    OREIDAVADAH Adventure 2015

    For those who remember that I had a problem with my rig and could only run in 2WD the second half of the trip. As it turned out it was the locker came apart and loose bolts and such chunked the ring and pinion at the same time. Cost me over $1400 to get it fixed (included replacing the air...
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    OREIDAVADAH Adventure 2015

    Brett's selfless leadership and hospitality are greatly appreciated. Thanks Brett.
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    OREIDAVADAH Adventure 2015

    Ace, I especially like the photo of "Bernie's Place." Thanks for posting it.
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    OREIDAVADAH Adventure 2015

    Some nice photos. Thanks.
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    Trasharoo ExPo Group Buy - Round 4!

    Black with logo. Money sent in a few minutes via Paypal. Thanks.
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    ARB Air Locker "replica"

    I have a huge problem with the Chinese STEALING designs and selling them for less, but I have an even bigger problem with those who buy stuff like that which undermines the integrity of all products and honest business. Yes, ARB air lockers are expensive, but they last, work as they should and...
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    Securing Dog in Jeep

    Nice looking dog. My little dog (riding and camping buddy) is also a rescue dog and she has some anxiety while riding. My whole back seat area in my XJ is usually full of camping equipment and tools so back seat is not an option anyway. I put a cushion in the front seat so that she has better...
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    Porta-potty users, sound off

    The buckets n bags are undoubtedly good for folks with lots of space. I have limited space so I use a folding legs with seat gizmo and disposable bags. I'm not sure what brand it is. I've seen several folding types that look good and take up little space. A shovel (supposed to carry a shovel...
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    Coolers and Packing Them for Travel.

    Great thread. Thanks for sharing all your ideas and experience.