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    mopar air intake

    I'd pass on the CAI. A JK can handle 3' of water as they sit. Most snorkels have a little power loss. I think the stock setup is pretty good.
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    Air shock?

    I had a 90ish that was saggy. I took it to a spring shop and had them re-arc the rear 1 1/2" over stock. You might consider just throwing a new set of springs on all around. They are probably pretty tired. Or on the cheap you can put on a 2" lift helper spring $80.
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    What Do You Dislike About Your JK

    I'm seeing black ones now that don't look too bad.
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    Which repair manual for 2014 JKU?

    Factory manual.
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    Jk 2015 on 35 tips

    What Brian said^. I have this setup and am very pleased. I run 34" Toyos. Rides and handles great on and off-road.
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    What Do You Dislike About Your JK

    I'm happy with the power, mileage and all with my 13 JKUR. I hated the factory wheels... Looked like they are off a Subaru or 79ish firebird. Not sure why Jeep went away from the Moabs for these goofy looking things.
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    air shocks

    I had them on my 03 Rub. I didn't have any problems with them for the 7 years I had it. Used for towing trailers. I'll be putting them on my 13 Rub.
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    Dilemma of which to KEEP.... Wrangler or Grand Cherokee

    Like an earlier post... I've had them all and I only regret letting go of CJ and Wranglers. Keep the Rubi.
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    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    I put on the AEV 2.5 dual sport. I dont notice any difference in handling or how it sits when it's loaded up.
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    Snorkel Questions regarding horsepower

    Pretty sure you're doing some fab work. I'm not a snorkel fan but thought these looked really nice
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    Time for New Tires

    I have Toyo AT in 285/75r17... They were really good but totally suck on ice and snow. When I ran smaller tires, I usually went Bridgestone Revo... They were great in all the conditions I hit. My company trucks all run the Cooper M&S in the winter and I've had good luck with them. If I...
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    Front Bumper with 2" receiver for 2011 JK?

    I have the same Olympic bumper. Great quality and finish.
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    Sell me on a Jeep!

    Maps show Jeep trails... How cool is that? Nobody needs a reason, friend.
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    Cherokee 3.0 crd / Wrangler swap can it be done yes

    Still wondering why... What's the benefit?
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    Cherokee 3.0 crd / Wrangler swap can it be done yes

    Just curious, why do you want to have a diesel? Mileage?