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    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    Screaming good deal at the moment:
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    Generator for powering heat/AC?

    The simplest route is to run a generator and a stand up household AC unit. NO fabrication required, except for figuring out how to seal the exhaust hose out of a window (duct tape and cardboard can work in a pinch). Honda EU2000i generator will work fine. It's portable, reliable, small, quiet...
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    Camper Van Randomness

    Throw them into the pit of misery? Or maybe the pit of camper van randomness?
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    Ambulance decal laws

    You DO NOT want to give any impression that you are an EMS vehicle. None. Laws very from state to state, but inevitably you are going to run in to a small-town cop who will take offense to impersonating an EMS vehicle and he will hit you with every violation he can find. Keep in mind EMS...
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    Disaster Relief Vehicle

    If you can't find a replacement aluminum trim piece for the wheel well you could probably find an aftermarket one for offroad vehicles. Just measure the size of your opening to make sure it'll fit.
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    Aux input on factory Ford radio?

    I would still recommend upgrading the entire unit with either a later model stock deck with an aux input or a cheap aftermarket deck. Cheap aftermarket sing DIN decks can run as low as $80. Most also have detachable face plates so you can simply remove the face plate when your park the rig...
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    Importing Car Parts into USA from Canada

    It's no different than buying a TV. So long as the product you are bringing aross the border isn't illegal or transport-restricted (food, for example) in the US you won't have any issue bringing it in. If they give you any grief for the purchase tell them you only paid a few hundred dollars...
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    Importing Car Parts into USA from Canada

    Well, yes, DOT-approved only applies if you live in states like California who look for reasons to pull people over to issue tickets, or if your state is hell-bent on inspections.
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    Importing Car Parts into USA from Canada

    I don't have any expertise in this but I doubt it's an issue at all. Think of it like aftermarket parts. The only thing the US cares about is if the partsa are DOT approved. You cannot bring an entire vehicle into the US that isn't vetted by US regulations, but parts are a different matter.
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    Ambulance rear ac/heater delete?

    How do you plan on using the AC/Heater? Keep in mind the stock rear unit only works while the motor is running. My 7.3L is extremely loud, vibrates the entire rig, and is emits all kinds of smelly fumes. There is zero chance I am ever going to idle my rig to get heat or AC in the back while...
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    Ambulance rear ac/heater delete?

    Edit: Just re-read your initial post. Get rid of it. If you are installing a roof-mount AC unit you'll never use the ambulance box AC unit. If you need heat grab a Buddy heater. Do know that the ambulance box ac/heater requires you to run your motor. If you're like me this isn't an...
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    Ambulance rear ac/heater delete?

    I removed mine. It was pretty simple There is a refrigerant line that you will need to have evacuated. There is a shut off valve under the ambulance on the driver side near where the box meets the cab. Turn the valve to shut off the flow of refrigerant and then have the line evacuated...
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    Regretting my layout and sofa bed ,uuuugh

    You could always post the bed on craigslist to see if you can unload it. You'll have to take a hit on the price, but someone might be willing to take it off your hands for a decent price. That way you aren't stuck with a bed you don't like and aren't wasting a ton of money by scrapping it.
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    Regretting my layout and sofa bed ,uuuugh

    Are you regretting the layout, or just the bed? You could always cut a piece of 1/4" plywod to slide under the cushions and see if that helps. Cut it to fit and sand the edges so they don't rip the cushion material.
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    Pics of your Ambulance. Post Up!

    I really like the plain white. It's very clean. Great pictures and great adventures as well!