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    2015+ F-150 towing question: How do I know if I'm getting power to the trailer battery?

    Maybe I'm missing something but try disconnecting the leads from the trailer battery and put your meter on the leads.
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    Hummelator Off-road teardrop build

    Got most of the trailer back together this weekend. I've installed the new porch lights I ended up redoing the electrical boxes on the bakside of where the porchlights are mounted. The commercial pipe and boxes looked a little gaudy. I was looking for some low profile surface mount boxes and...
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    Hi Mileage Tundra? Owner Opinions Wanted

    I bought my 07 tundra at 178,000KM on the ODO. Now has 330,000+ KM. The only issues I've had other than basic maintenance was a starter went around 300,000 and I broke a leaf spring ( my fault- truck was way overloaded) Sure the fuel mileage is terrible but it has been a great truck.
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    Hummelator Off-road teardrop build

    Had street sweeping so I needed to get the trailer back to a state where I could move it so I could get my truck back in the garage. Today we started to reassemble. Got windows and door back in. This time I decided to use butyl tape along the parimeter for a primary seal instead of caulking. I...
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    Hummelator Off-road teardrop build

    Yeah they were actually a great choice to build with. Still super solid
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    Hummelator Off-road teardrop build

    Finished coating the trailer last night around 9. I have 7 or 8 coats on now and still have half a pail but I feel it is more than sufficiently coated. Before Now I am aware it doesn't look super pretty where I should have Ground off the old product but not terribly concerned. I am very...
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    Hummelator Off-road teardrop build

    So my timing as far as priming and topcoat was thrown off a little bit. I read the data sheet on the primer and realized that I would have to do my top coat within 24 hours. Well being that I was on call last weekend, I couldn't devote enough time to it. So. This weekend now that I'm not on...
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    Hummelator Off-road teardrop build

    Well almost two years now. Still making ( slow) progress with the trailer. The biggest issue has been to coating on the shell of the camper. I've been doing some research on a better product. Came across liquid rubber. Wasn't entirely sure it would be the right product so decided to order a...
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    Hummelator Off-road teardrop build

    Got to thinking last night. The plate with the ring for the propane tank doesn’t really need to Be mounted on unistrut. It’s just extra weight and serves no purpose. Decided to remove unistrut and fill the holes with weld. Then mounted the plate flush on the frame. Still looking for options on...
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    Hummelator Off-road teardrop build

    From my hunting trip back in September I recently purchased a Coleman canopy. Was originally planning on a quick deploy awning but the Coleman was much cheaper. Will try and upload some photos of my current set up tomorrow
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    Hummelator Off-road teardrop build

    Just over a year... ho-lay Though the camper is functional, I haven't done much to is since. I’ve spent about 40 nights in it so far. Looking back: -The good: The shell is water tight, no leaks Ventilation with the max fan is amazingly. It’s a good size for my needs -The bad: Paint. Both on...
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    Composite Sandwich Panel Extrusion Connector Sources....

    The other option is to contact a company that does extrusions. When I was building my trailer, I contacted a company and they said they had a $1500 die fee plus you needed to order something like $1000 worth of extrusion. For what I was doing, I could make due with other methods
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    Driven To Wander - Vancouver to Patagonia

    So what now? Straight back home or are you guys going to enjoyment the trip back up and you did going down? For some reason I had it in my mind that this was a few months trip. But 2.5 Year’s, it seems more like it would Be a lifestyle now instead of just a vacation
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    The batwing- how long is it?
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    Heavy Tundras choice of suspension

    Oh boy. I know all about overloading a Tundra. I used to run mine for work and would consistsntly be 400-600lbs over weight maxing out at 1000lbs over weight from time to time. While ( I feel) the truck can handle it, I made two upgrades. Air bags And better brakes. It’s one thing to wear your...