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  • Hi Martin,

    I should have been more specific and I'm sorry for not realizing I may have mislead you. I am familiar with the PM fishery only through a friend who has fished it and I have never visited the area personally. I posted mainly to help you generate more on-point responses by being more specific as to where you are going, given the number of places with the PM name.


    My name is Kent and I am in the Fort Wayne area.

    I ran across your thread about Aspen to Silverton. I was wondering if you completed that trip last summer? I am thinking of taking it this coming summer. The same area and fly fishing.

    We are looking at leaving friday around 4pm, driving straight thru to Hans flat RS in 24 hrs. I have an 03 stock DC trd. There are three guys, one is a road/mountain bike guy, one is a backcountry ski/canadain canoe guy and me I have backpacked the usual stuff like the smokies, wyoming/montana/utah longest time out 6 days. I have been to canyonlands twice in the summer once in the spring, island in the sky and the needle district. We have done some off road stuff in the san juans over the last three years.
    That sounds good, I was looking at the beginning of April as well. So you guys are thinking a solid 10 day or so trip? Have you gotten any permits? Are you guys just plan on exploring, mtn. biking, and camping?

    I have an '04 Tacoma that aside from suspension upgrades is relatively stock. I'm not an novice outdoors guy but am no Bear Grylls either.
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