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    What stopped my hardside on Elephant Hill

    I'm assuming that "The Squeeze"/"The Pinch" is where you scraped? I've wondered about the height to get through there. I haven't done E Hill in over a decade and have been curious about the size limits in that and a couple of the narrow turns.
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    NPR 4wd conversion and camper build thread.

    I was hoping you'd announce when you're going to start taking orders on conversions.
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    NPR 4wd conversion and camper build thread.

    Knowing what you know now, would it have been easier/faster to start with a fresh NPR and do all the mods your way from the get go?
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    Quigley Ambulance, 7.3, 20k miles, 96'

    There's no pass through because this isn't an ambulance. It's an equipment hauler.
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    Fuso FG 4x4 Custom Expedition Vehicle Build

    Thanks for posting some of the schematics. I'm assuming the 60 x 60 extrusions in the rear panel are for mounting racks/accessories. Looking forward to seeing the construction of the subframe and isolation pads for the cabin.
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    Diving in Head First!

    So happy I found your well written build thread. Once I realized that building a modest yet capable off-road camper could be done for not much more than building up a light truck or SUV based project, I slowly came around to the FG's (mostly because our 4x4 medium/heavy truck options are so...
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    Fuso FG 4x4 Custom Expedition Vehicle Build

    I'm curious how the extruded aluminum comes into play in the cabin. Is it the framework for your cabinets? What are the dimensions of it? I'm used to working with the 80 mm pieces that make up my CNC machine but that's way too heavy for this application.