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    Sleeping bag or duvet?

    Sheets and a blanket, just like at home. If it’s cold, the sleeping bag gets unzipped, laid out flat, and goes in between the top sheet and the blanket. Repeat as necessary when the temperature continues to drop.
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    Things to hate about a 2020 Tacoma...

    Those beeps are the worst. At least in the ‘16, Toyota can turn most of them off if you ask nicely.
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    1974(ish) Apache Eagle - Off Road Build

    Between all of the new parts, new canvas, and tune up, we got the trailer set up and take down time from about 45 mins to a 25 mins, including setting up the crib for the little guy. Of course, it’s not as fast as just hopping in the back of the truck, but it’s way more room for the fam. We...
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    1974(ish) Apache Eagle - Off Road Build

    In mid-to-late May, I brought the Apache into the garage to replace the wheel bearings all around (again, for the one we did in MX), remove a leaf from the spring packs, and generally tune up the moving parts of the slide out beds and tent support bars. I wanted to be sure I had the right tools...
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    Double cab long bed Taco vs. double cab Tundra

    I own a ‘16 DCLB Tacoma and have spent a few days driving an ‘18 Tundra Pro (the small cab longer bed one). From my experience: Overall length felt the same, not sure about wheelbase though. Are you going to sleep in it? If you’re tall, check the bed length. I’m 6’2” and barely fit sleeping...
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    yet another house battery charging question

    I appreciate insight from everyone, very educational to see the philosophies behind the recommendations. I’m also not the OP, so sorry for the thread jack, but maybe it was helpful?
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    yet another house battery charging question

    No, I understand that charging the starting battery should only be done from the vehicle's alternator. @rayra often recommends also charging house batteries from the alternator. I very much appreciate simplicity, so I get where he’s coming from on that front, but I also worry that the...
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    yet another house battery charging question

    I see you say this often. I am confused about charging because it is often said that batteries must have a certain charge profile (bulk, float, desulfation, temperature compensation, etc.) to maintain long term battery health (especially expensive, exotic varieties, deep cycles, etc.). Can you...
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    The North Face VE-24/25 Tent (1992)

    I have/use one of these from the early 2000s, my folks have/use one from the 1970s, and North Face still sells and services this tent... just to give an idea of how bombproof this thing is. GLWS!
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    1974 Coleman Valley Forge - Complete gut job

    Looks awesome! I bought some of that HF anti fatigue mat for the floor of mine, but never installed it... putting it under the beds is a way better idea. (y)
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    Ammo Can Campfire

    Skip the cocoa...
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    Blue Loctite vs. Nylock

    What’s your preferred fastener method for keeping things secure (and serviceable) over lots of bumpy miles? Just to head off any confusion, nylock is a one-time use type of thing just like loctite. (y)
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    My kid is getting started...need some advice

    Sh*t. I just re-read the list of things you’re giving him. You’re awesome OP.
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    My kid is getting started...need some advice

    Think about parting with some of your old gear to help him out. Surely there’s something new you’d like buy? Give him the old one. My first sleeping bag was once my old man’s... maybe came from a thrift store before that. It was hammered when I got it and I totally ruined it when I was really...
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    1974 Coleman Valley Forge - Complete gut job

    I mean, could you use fiberglass to fix the crack? I put epoxy/glass on everything, ha. They have the goods at the big box stores if you don’t want to go the full marine route.