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    2015 Overland Expo West-- Buy, Sell, Barter, and Free Thread

    JDM TOYOTA 80 SERIES REAR LADDER I'm not using this back door ladder for an 80 series Toyota Land Cruiser so open to offers if anyone is interested. $80 OBO. SOLD
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    FJ 1 and done, New 4runner in 2010

    I am hearing that the 2010 4runner will be dropping the V8 and keeping the V6. Also, a 4 cylinder model will be available (maybe just in Canada?). I wanna see how that setup drives.....cuz I love the Taco 4 cylinder. The off road package will be sweet too for the 4runner.
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    Truck Bed Camper vs RTT

    Thought I would share my setup for ideas...... I had my tent mounted on the bed for my trip down to SNT in Cali so I could pick up a Front Runner Bakkie Rack from Paul at Equipt. This rack would mount it above the bed....but at cab height (to make it easier to get at items in the bed, but not...
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    The Coveted '85 Toyota

    Check out this 1984 XtraCab Turbo Diesel. Just a little too far away, and needs a paint job badly. I second the LN106 vote.....kinda biased I know. They are small trucks, but that's kinda why I like 'em so much. Very...
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    Unique find in Whitehorse, Yukon

    Seen that truck in Cowtown! I met that couple in Calgary about a month and a half ago...when they pulled into the dealership I work at looking for some parts to repair the front end. Called my Dad up to come look and also show off his rig and talk trucks. Yes, they are from Switzerland and so...
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    Check out saweet Cruiser Camper 4 sale!

    Get ready to pick your jaws up off the floor...especially after seeing the asking price! What a cool cruiser...for those interested in the specs, check out and click on "1992 HDJ81 VX LandCruiser"
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    Long Ranger Fuel Tanks

    Sure am...heard a lot about you, and Sierra Expeditions. We will be truckin' down to Cali for S&T in November, can't wait! Oh, and a sweet Long Ranger tank would be "tits." :)
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    Long Ranger Fuel Tanks

    I'd be interested in one for an LN106 Hilux.
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    specs 80 series with 38" or 44" tires

    Was searching and found some pics on Jap style Monster Trucks (Street Queens obviously). Here ya go...if you wanna be able to see over big rigs and buses, hehe. Japanese people aren't known for their height, so your guess at how they get in is as good as mine.:) How to get this high: looks like...
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    Lucky Ducks those Canadians

    Wow, Dave knows a lot more than me, however, 22R? No 22RE? Just outta many miles you got on 'er?
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    Lucky Ducks those Canadians

    Not all of 'em are IFS, it was an option. For example, when you are looking to buy one and you want a Hilux Double Cab 2.8D you look at the model code. If it's IFS, then you will see LN107...if it's SFA, then you will see LN106. Someone out here must know how to read Toyota model codes besides...
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    My Hilux from Australia

    Sweet rig there Max! Whitewalls out....I love it! Factory headache rack and also tie downs on the outside of the bedrail, best cargo holstering devices on a pickup ever IMHO, except the hooks just above the tailight...if I crank a ratchet strap too tight on these ones my tailgate gets kinda...
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    Tires: Wide or Narrow?

    I joined the tall/narrow club about 4 months a wicked deal on a set of 9.00R16 Michelin XLs. Holy crap what a tire! So far no real offroad use, but I can feel the traction difference on ice between these and my old 35x12.50s...same heavy truck, but more pressure (more friciton) on the...
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    Which rims to get now?

    Sorry, the vehicle is an '89 Hilux, so pretty much exactly like and '85 or older Toyota 4x4 from the frame south. I was looking at the MT Classic IIs, so far they are the lightest, strongest (load capacity is 3100lbs) and closest offset. Thanks for the responses guys.
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    Which rims to get now?

    Recently got me some Michelin XLs, but now I need some 16" rims. I guess my first instinct would be to go with aluminum for the weight issue (those XLs are some heavy suckers), but anyone have some suggestions. One thing I'm gonna need is some negative offset, like -15 to -25.