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  • Hi, Bryce,

    Thanks for your interest in my grey Sprinter. I probably will be selling it sometime within the next year or so, but I have no plans right at the moment. We're sort of waiting for the new Sprinter 4x4 to be released and get some reviews back on that, and need to keep the grey one until there's a new plan. I've no objection to you inquiring periodically, and certainly, if you'd like to come look it over whenever you're out this way, let me know.

    Sprinters are bad in snow if they have no weight over the rear, but if loaded in back and with winter tires (or even better, chains), they are as good, if not better, than most. Still limited by the open differential, though, as in most vehicles.

    Sprinters tow things exceptionally well. No worries, there. 5K pounds is the stated limit, but most think that's very conservative. Good low end torque helps a lot. Anyway, good marks there.

    Take care, and thanks for the interest,

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