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    WTB: 2001 mostly stock LC with toy or lex badge. colorado, but will travel.

    Not the nav dash, but with the latch system for car seats. Haha.
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    Advice on purchasing a truck shell?

    i just picked up an ATC Colorado for my 15 GMC 1/2 ton. it has a honeycomb reinforced roof and only hit me for about 1400. Adding rails will not void the warrenty. I looked and and loved the frame in the ARE but it was about 3x the price. We only plan on putting a box for skiis on the roof...
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    Callen Camper visit.

    they could take some inspiration from the roamin' chariot campers. I have one and we love it. very simple, light weight, works great.
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    WTB: 2001 mostly stock LC with toy or lex badge. colorado, but will travel.

    nothing? can someone at least confirm the latch info for me?
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    WTB: 2001 mostly stock LC with toy or lex badge. colorado, but will travel.

    A friend has presented me with a challenge, find him an 01 mostly or completely stock LC with L or an oval on the front. He needs an 01 because its the first year for the latch system for car seats. and something about the Dash and it being more simple? i am not and LC guy. educate me on the...
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    We had ~ 10 350 srws at aprox the same weight. i was driving 175 miles per day with over half of it on graded gravel. most of the other trucks were doing a bit less. round numbers: 1 per 5k miles on dirt would be 1 per week. that would be in the ballpark anyway. roads full of 1 to 2 in...
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    f 350 13k lbs. i found the Revo2 much more resistant to sidewall issues than the bfg's. So much so, that we switched to them on our fleet in Wyoming. Lots of gravel and rocky road travel. We were changing about 1 a week of the bfgs and went to less than 1 a month with the Revo2. The BFGs...
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    MaxTrax, are they worth it?

    those appear to be exact copies of the original tred ramps. I try to avoid giving money to counter fitters. There are about 5 counterfits of these products for ever legit one on amazon right now. i have called out several of them that even use the pictures and description from maxtrax or tred...
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    MaxTrax, are they worth it?

    i have them and have used them more for the aid of others than myself, but they are worked every time without drama or time spend rigging and messing around. from getting a few vehicles over an obstacle on a trail including a cj and my 1/2 ton with slide in to my neighbors focus stuck in our...
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    Fuso - Push bumper, Roo Guard, ROPS or ?

    its def. a football helmet. probably made of pvc pipe or something. see the "clips" top and side that hold the wire cage of a helmet?
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    DIY Roof bars

    i used aluminum tube and fittings from mcmaster carr to build a basket. they lots of shapes other than tubes.
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    Columbia's Star Wars line up

    The parka is pretty cool, and looks like it could be a great parka, without the starwars connection.
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    1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Fully custom 4 Linked w/ Coilovers + more!

    I KNOW you have more than that into it, having it built. I hope my 73 is like this when its done. what kind of mileage do you get? with all that work, I think I would have found a way for O/D. GLWS.
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    Let’s talk luggage

    If you go to Vietnam you can get northfake duffles cheap. I have one I bought there to bring home some our finds and to see how it holds up to my real one. I had to replace the horrible zipper pulls, but other than that it is great. My real one shows some wear, but it was my go to for...
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    Towing with U-HAUL Auto Transporter

    I bought a used 16 foot flat deck for less than 2k, U-haul wanted 1500 for a one way from Wyoming to Michigan. The trailer has been used about 15 times in the last few years for different things. Try penske or some other rental place, they often have more normal trailers with proper equipment.