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    Sleep 7 in e-350 eb?? Am i nuts??

    If you get creative, it should be doable. Folks in my family routinely slept up to 6 people in a '73 VW Westy Bay. This included using the Westfalia "Cot" that spanned over the front row seats, and one person on the floor with their feet underneath the cantilevered part of the rock-n-roll...
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    New Alu-Cab Canopy CABIN full size

    Note that one additional side-effect of Alu-cab re-using the upper bed components on the Alu-Cabin is that the walls have significantly more angle vs. the midsize Canopy-Camper. Since the upper bunk and cap are the same width as the midsize version, they need to span the gap between the wider...
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    New Alu-Cab Canopy CABIN full size

    I did think there was another thread for that one somewhere... I've had a chance to crawl around in one now. It's very much what most people said they wanted - an ACCC for fullsize trucks. My biggest disappointment is that the rear bed-hatch area is essentially the same as the ACCC - namely...
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    Ah, poop. I forgot yours was a shorty! Apologies to anyone who got confused by the numbers on that website.
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    For Sale: 2007 Fuso FG140 Overland Expedition Vehicle - $129,000

    I know the FGs sold with the pseudo 2 person bench on the passenger side. Any input on the real world possibility of using this with 2 adults + 1 rapidly growing pre-teen? It's been hard to "ass-test" seats on these platforms, since they're kinda rare.
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    All the Astro measurements you could ask for:
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    Conqueror 4x4 USA UEV 490 Off Road Trailer FOR SALE

    That's an interesting detail. Is that a normal level of maintenance needed for a trailer like this?
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    2016 GTRV Mercedes Metris “Westy” Camper Van – $55K PDX,OR

    I've posted this link to the GTRV Owner's group list for ya'. If the Metris' were available with AWD/4WD, I'd have been battering down your door with a pile of cash. GLWS!
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    No matter what happens in a Rally, you don’t abandon your teammate.

    Moreover, F1 got safer specifically because certain marquee drivers started insisting on it. After Stewart's accident at Spa, he became an advocate. Similar for Lauda after the Nurburgring. By the time Senna died, basically the entire driver's association was ready to put their collective...
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    Mounting things on the rear ladder?

    Gary Lee has been the gold-standard for ladders and stuff-on-ladders for the Vanagon guys for more than a decade. Lots of ideas here:
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    21 Ram Flatbed 4-Wheel Camper

    Yeah, lack of adventure-vehicle parking is literally the only downside to our home. On the plus side, I have a huge workshop-shed with dedicated machine tool space...
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    21 Ram Flatbed 4-Wheel Camper

    Heh, all my research says the RAMs end up about 6" longer than the Fords. And my driveway is 22' long. :rolleyes: Maybe I need to stick with vans. :p Thanks for the info!
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    21 Ram Flatbed 4-Wheel Camper

    Looks like a great package! Would you mind taking a measurement of the full overall length? I have a short-ish driveway and fitting without blocking the sidewalk means I need to be pretty careful about packaging. I think the RAM trucks end up a little longer than their competitors, but it's...
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    Introducing the “NEW” Alu-Cab Canopy Camper

    First, you need to decide how much you want to fight. You may have some options, but often the "cost of being right" isn't worth it when it comes to living in a neighborhood. HOAs are good at using the pain they can inflict to stimulate compliance, even if they aren't always legally in the...