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    Removable front winch mounting

    Ranchhand Bumper with receiver. Works great. Up high enough for decent approach angle.
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    Help with lid .

    Our local NAPA parts store had a good selection. Takes a little digging through the selection to find the ends needed and lift weight.
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    Favorite Multi-tool

    EDC Leatherman Charge TTi . Anniversary present from my wife. Love them both.
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    Adding a Fuel tank for longer range

    I used a Dakota Digital gauge: BLTOffroad Avalanche
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    What can you tell me about the Chevy Avalanche?

    I like mine : BLTOffroad Avalanche I would stick with the 1500 and the 5.3
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    SOLD - 2000 Kawasaki KLR650 - PNW

    Sold and on the way to Baker City, OR
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    SOLD - 2000 Kawasaki KLR650 - PNW

    2000 KLR650 Dual-sport "Swiss Army Knife of bikes!" Excellent commuter, trail bike , expedition bike. 6 gallon fuel tank for wide range travel. 3x Tank bags, hard-case trunk, rear rack, power ports, GPS, Corbin low seat, wide foot pegs, road pegs, skid plate, engine guards, headlamp rock guard...
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    SOLD - BLTOffroad trailer

    That is AWESOME! Keep in touch and lets see those new adventures :)
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    SOLD - BLTOffroad trailer

    Offer accepted in Sacramento, CA. Hopefully going to a good home!
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    SOLD - BLTOffroad trailer

    Craigslist ad - Custom-Built Secure Off-Road Camp/ Utility Trailer - $3500 This is our former trailer. I built it : BLTOffroad trailer It has traveled Moab and across the USA. Medical conditions are forcing the sale. My brother in-law and sister are selling it. It is in Eugene , Oregon. Feel...
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    avalache build anyone

    I have been watching :) Nice rig.
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    avalache build anyone

    Added a new water tank. This replaces the hand pump sprayer that we had been using. Hopefully a good upgrade in volume and convenience.
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    Smittybilt EPS Inverter Generator - 2786

    Thank you. The adapter bolts on and retains the factory spark arrestor. This adapter I purchased on ebay. It is stainless steel as is the elbow that I used. I think most of the time I use this generator sending the exhaust up will be a better choice for the locations that I plan to use it. If I...
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    Smittybilt EPS Inverter Generator - 2786

    Yes, they do have a Champion 50 amp parallel kit :)