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  • IMO, there are no good 2" lifts. Torsion keys are a bad idea that leads to CV boot failures in all but a mall crawler and even then those have problems.
    When I first cranked them I'm pretty sure one bolt was close to max while the other had a bit more space left. I'm not too sure adjusting them again would be a good idea; but maybe I should.

    A friend of mine (who swears that my torsion bars are going to break because I messed with them) says there are "kits" available to lift the front end. Every time I search for these "kits" all I can find is torsion keys.

    Is there some kit, other than keys, I don't know about that can level the front end? If not, what is your opinion on installing a 2" suspension lift on top of everything we've already done?
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