I am a thinker, student of life, and an aspiring explorer. My goals are to keep myself and my family away from the television and video games and get out into the wilderness and explore the fun that Mother Nature has created.

I currently reside near Denver CO. I love to find the back roads routes and cruise to new places. I have an old dog, 2 beautiful daughters, and my wife who is my soul mate. Together we take our love for travel and exploration and try to find new and unique places to visit.

Professionally I work as a field engineer in the broadcast television industry traveling extensively in Canada, and the United States supporting the technical needs of customers across the globe. For my job I have traveled from Eastern Europe to the West Coast of the US and from Alaska to the Gulf Coast. I love travel in all its forms and take whatever moments I can to take in the culture and beauty of any place I visit. I have enjoyed Canada in the dead of winter and Phoenix in the hottest parts of summer and wouldn't trade the experiences for anything. Each place I visit I want to return to experience again and again.

Professionally I have experience in broadcast television, streaming media, video production, motion graphics, photography, graphic design, web design, and eLearning. I also have a degree in Information Technology.

I never pass up an opportunity to work with my hands. I love building and designing projects and you will frequently find me out in the shop tinkering on some project. I am perpetually on a quest to build the perfect camper or modify a vehicle for travel. Part of the journey for me is learning how to create, maintain, and repair. I love to talk and if you spend any time around me chances are you will hear some familiar stories time and time again. I don’t do anything half way, either go big or go home.

Camping, family adventures, dogs, music, books, off highway travel
Morgan, UT. United States
Which country outside of the USA would you like to visit the most?
Field Engineer Broadcast Video
What vehicle do you drive or ride? Tell us about your dream overland vehicle! Please be specific - put brand and model, 2 words minimum or your registration will not be approved
1994 Ford E350 4x4
1988.5 Suzuki Samurai




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