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    ExPo 60 Series Registry

    1. Year, model, color, etc: 1989 HJ61Dark Gray Metallic (155) RHD 2. Name of owner/screen name: Hayden/ hayde89 3. How long have you owned your 60 series? Is this your first? 2 months. This is my first 60 series but I have owned 2 100 series prior. 4. Mileage at date of purchase and present...
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    1998 Land cruiser with 240K mileage

    FYI you can replace the lower ball joints without replacing the Lower control arm. Give Cruiseroutfitters a call for the parts . Can be done in an afternoon.
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    2000 Series 100 purchase

    How much are you looking to spend? The Transmission scares me on the 2000-2001 100s.
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    Fit 2014+ bumper on a 2010 T4R? (4x4 labs)

    My understanding is you will have to convert to the 2014 headlights in order to do so.
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    Basic load bar setup for brief RTT use

    I would buy some used yakima or thule load bars. I bought a set for like $80 whisper bars off of KSL or Craiglist for you now Utah folk. I run a hardshell RTT on them for right now and to me it was an easy solution till I am ready to get an actual roof rack. PS this is being run on my LX470
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    Moby Dick in tha hizzy

    Those are my favorite factory wheels. Honestly I would keep them. I wish my LX came with those instead of the uglier factory 18s. Another option would be Tundra take offs. Most are 18s as well but if you can score a set of coveted Rock Warriors 17s that works too.
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    High-mileage LC and LX vets please weigh in

    I have driven plenty and own both right now. If you are upping the tire size then yes the extra gear comes in to play. Also I am calling horse crap on your 99 handling better than your 06 if it had AHC then it'll always out handle a non AHC vehicle. The only reason you hate on AHC is because you...
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    High-mileage LC and LX vets please weigh in

    I can now give you a straight forward answer. I now own both. My statement still stands the 5spd is superior. The 4spd gets the job done but if you are going to build at all you will thank me later for getting the 5spd. My cruisers are as follows 2004 LX470 and a 1999 Land Cruiser with rear...
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    High-mileage LC and LX vets please weigh in

    1) In your experience is the 5-speed that much better than the 4-speed? Seems like owners of the pre-2003 LXs don't complain about gearing much -- if at all. I personally have driven both. The only reason the 4spd guys do not complain is because the do not know better. A thread on Mud...
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    High-mileage LC and LX vets please weigh in

    Here is the advice I was given buy the newest well maintained and rust free vehicle you can afford. With the older truck you are giving up on big thing that was super important to me and that is the 5spd transmission the LX also has better headlights and will be a bit nicer. I would suggest test...
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    Looking for 100 series Read through this thread. If anyone would know it's cruiser outfitters. Probably one of the most trusted cruiser shops in the USA. T Hey are anything but fragile. If you are worried...
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    Looking for 100 series

    24k is honestly a higher mileage 200 series range. It might be a little bigger than the 100 but it has a bigger engine and improves on most the 100s short comings.
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    Looking for 100 series

    My understanding on that is it takes a lot more work than I am willing to do. Boundless overland on insta did it and a couple other guys as well. As cool as it sounds it's a big investment for such a depreciated vehicle.