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    Tacoma Truck Bed Cap

    Mad Cap camper shell on Craig's List Mad Cap camper shell If I wanted a simple truck bed cap shell, I really like these for the Toyota Tacoma. I don't know if the company is still in business or is redesigning this product. It's a very good design in the style of the Callen camper shells, but...
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    Sunrader project

    Hey rix86, I saw this thread with the Sunrader slide in camper. Did you ever finish your renovations? I was curious on how your camper turned out.
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    New Manufacturer: Cave Campers - 750 lbs, $<10k, high quality

    I like the shell design of your hard side truck camper, but the design wouldn't suit me and the amenities is far too bare bones for me. Here's my suggestions that would make me interested in buying one: Increase the cabover space at the front of the camper to accomodate a queen size mattress...
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    WTT FWC Fleet for Flippac

    FWC Fleet camper shell Hello jawha1020, I was wondering if you would sell your FWC Fleet camper shell? If so, how much would you be asking for it...
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    Need ideas for sleeping platform with fridge

    Hey BajaTaco, My first post. I've been lurking on this website for awhile to gain some ideas for a sleep platform. I really like how your friend Steve mounted his bed platform to the ceiling and has his refrigerator swings with the tailgate open. Would your friend Steve or anyone else be kind...