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    Looking for a D Load 33 Inch x 18 A/T Tire...

    Please excuse my ignorance, but why not E rated? If it has to do with the harsh ride, there are plenty of 2 ply E rated tires out there. I’m just curious as I’ve been doing a lot of research on tires and trying to find the best compromise of offroad strength and lighter weight. Also still...
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    Looking for a good Creeper - recommendations?

    Another vote for the Lisle. It’s held up to my abuse for a couple years now and isn’t sagging or breaking apart like some of the cheaper creepers out there.
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    RustOleum Spray Bedliner Experiences?

    I’ve been using Seymour Truck Bed Liner spray and it’s holding up really well. It also had better reviews on Amazon than the other sprays. Granted, I haven’t put it through anything rigorous.
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    What is the maximum tire diameter for 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk?

    Are you sure they didn’t do the pinch weld mod and tie back the fender liners? I’ll go do some searching.
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    Just bought a 16 JKU

    Nice find! That’s a great looking JK.
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    Will a 275/65/18 size tire fit on a Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2?

    Most 275/65r18’s fit w/o and issue. Some are even running those in LT, which have more tread and come in at about 32.3”. It really depends on how aggressive the side tread lugs are and how they stick out.
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    recommendations for a portable air compresor

    I’ve been using my Viair 300P on my WK2 since last May. Easily airs up to 37psi in 1:30 per tire. 265/65r18’s For airing back up (under 40psi), I don’t see the duty cycle coming into play with the mid range VIAIR stuff.
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    LT265/65R18/E KO2 vs 265/65R18/SL Wildpeaks - sidewall strenght?

    The Falkens come in an LT, as well. Also, I read that the Falkens (P rated) actually have a thicker sidewall than other P tires due to the way the tire is made. This is why they weigh more than other, same-sized P tires. I’ve been happy with my Ridge Grapplers so far. Never got close to getting...
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    New Defender Rage/Hate Thread

    I like it for the most part. The one I built on their site had the steelies, which look better than the other options, IMO. I just don’t know if I trust a newer LR not to break. I know a lot of it is hype/internet, but it’s still in my head. I DO love the rear-mounted spare. I got the Maxcare...
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    Which Jeep Model & Why?

    The problem w/ the new diesel is the price tag. Someone did the math, and it would take over 200k miles just to break even on the upgrade cost. Outside of that, having a diesel Jeep would be ************. I’d love to have one.
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    What is the maximum tire diameter for 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk?

    Yup, max diameter is 32.1” w/o any modification. That’s a 275/65r18 or 255/70r18. Some experience a little rubbing, but it depends on the tire and the aggressiveness of the side tread/lugs. I’m running Ridge Grapplers in 265/65r18 (31.6”) and nothing rubs; even in Entry/Exit mode.
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    WK2 - Trailhawk vs Laredo e

    I have a TH, so I’m a little biased, but I would go TH over Laredo E. The features are great and the e-locker is terrific. Plus, it has the more comfortable SRT seats. With the Laredo, you could do springs/lift, which some prefer.
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    Falken Wildpeak AT/3W - anyone running them? Opinions?

    Mmmmm. I love the Salta’s. Wish they made them in 18’s.
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    Grand Cherokee WK2 Off-Road Capability and Reliability

    We love our 19 Trailhawk. Comfortable on road trips and plenty capable for off-roading when you get there. We spent 9 days in the San Juans (Telluride—Corkscrew, Hurricane, California, Engineer, Ophir, Imogene, etc) and took in as much trail time as we could. With the Ridge Grapplers, there...
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    WK2 Front Jack Point

    I know this is old, but Mopar makes a jack base for Jeep bottle jacks. Should fit the bill. That being said, the log or boards would do the same thing.