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    Camper and Truck Photos

    Love exploring with the Hawk. Fortunate to have been out this Spring 7 of the last 8 weekends.... :victory:
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    Camper and Truck Photos

    SunMan...I've always loved your rig! What lift did you install and the new tires....look great! What is your over all lift between the new tires and lift?
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    Kelty Carport Shelter review

    Texas store experience Bump... Per the on-line retailer's website they have numerous stores around the south (10 in Texas). Do any folks have experience with this retailer....this is a heck-of-a-deal!
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    Show me your camping chairs

    If you have the opportunity would you mind sharing a comparison/review between the Cabelas and REI chairs when they are delivered.
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    Cool Camping Gear site:

    Product delivered... FYI update.... I finally received the Zodi Extreme yesterday which I ordered March 23rd. I have had several email communciations with and they did say the product would ship on April 27th, which it did. Bottom line...the product was shipped direct from...
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    Cool Camping Gear site:

    Has it shipped? Did you ever receive the order you placed? They still have not shipped my order, cc hasn't been charged either though. Their website is now offering 15% of an order, up from 10% off.
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    Cool Camping Gear site:

    Zodi on backorder I ordered the Zodi Extreme on 3/25/09 from them for the same still hasn't shipped as of today. I emailed them a few days ago and they replied it is on backorder with expected ship date sometime mid April. Have you received a shipping confirmation yet?
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    Kamparoo UltraLight Camp Trailer

    FYI.... no affliation, saw it listed on CL in Boise...
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    Random Snow Rig Pics

    Deadwood Res. Idaho Two weeks ago, out exploring Deadwood Resevior in central Idaho. First trip in the snow with FWC.
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    Four Wheel Camper - A Review

    Add me to the sold list... I just took delivery of a new Hawk Four Wheel Camper this past week. It was this forum on Expedition Portal that introduced me to Four Wheel Camper. It was KC's review and write-up's of his experience and action pictures that really made me seriously start...
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    Hot camp shower

    Zodi Extreme on Dallas Craig's list No affiliation...just passing on. Could be a good deal for someone in Dallas area....
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    How heavy is your Adventure Trailer?

    Doe anyone have experience with pulling their trailer with a 4 cylinder TJ?
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    Opinions Please on a possible starting point.

    Thegillz... did you see this trailer, it's in the Boise area. I emailed seller for pictures. No affiliation with trailer or seller.