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    Go big or go home:

    In Bovingdon Tank Museum in the UK there is a 40's era truck with basically a concrete pill box on the back as a quick cheap piece of armour, a Bison according to www. So concrete for interior furnishing has probably been done before, assuming you can stop it bouncing around and out through...
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    Camper suggestions for a baby and a DC Taco

    We've used a Tentipi 9 ground tent since our little man was about one, now five. First tipi I've had after mostly geodesics. To pitch you first use 9 pegs and the measuring tape to get pegs in, then the tent hooked on, one centre pole up, tension straps to pegs, all up in a few minutes. Floor...
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    Introducing the “NEW” Alu-Cab Canopy Camper

    "Dear Genesis customers, We received your message. Due to the currently increased work load, processing will take some time. Thank you very much for your understanding."
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    Introducing the “NEW” Alu-Cab Canopy Camper

    Hi Is there a list of current trucks this fits on? Specifically EU double cabs?
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    Best adhesive to mount solar panels with?

    Hi Neil Did you think I meant all panels just glued on are imminently about to fly off?!? I did see some pics of I think a Fiat panel van where the brackets that did hold the solar panels on had come off. The adhesive holding the bracket to the paint was solid and intact (so correctly prepared...
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    Recirculating Showers?

    A vid I think from here a while ago on an Australian truck build talked about having a recirculating system but straight from the shower tray. So, have a wash, use soap etc, sluice until dirt and soap gone. Plug in shower tray drain, add some water from heated normal system then use small second...
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    Best adhesive to mount solar panels with?

    I know some Euro vans with solar panels just "glued" on had the panels come off with the paint, glue/Sika etc whatever intact.
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    Go big or go home:

    Just regarding your transmission, a MAN Kat 1 from 1979 has no low range, a six speed manual box behind a torque converter, exhaust brake and diff locks (no front tho). First is slower than walking pace, exhaust brake holds it there. They were used in part for tank resupply, a German friend said...
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    Nissan throws in the towel, ending US production of NV and NV200

    Probably not related at all, but a few weeks ago Nissan said they were pulling out their factory in Barcelona, and so in large part out of the EU. The UK Sunderland factory was going to be a focus despite Brexit, hooray for UK jobs, skilled workers etc etc. Some had commentated that with the...
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    Hodakaguy's 4x4 Sprinter Build

    Your attention to detail and finished results are inspiring :) The space under your solar panel looks a bit Maxtrax sized? I have a cupboard of coffee maker fails, hadn't heard of a Presto Myjo but it's about twice the price in the UK, and we don't seem to have plus nuts either. Shocking. But...
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    Portable Reverse Osmosis Water System?

    If you want to make potable water from either sea water or brackish water then RO is maybe the only choice? But if not Katadyn do a gravity filter for much less than that posh handpump if you could leave it set up to feed into a jerry can overnight? But if since you mentioned a pump to start...
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    Folding van camper furniture

    Very tidy and out of the way when unused
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    Portable Reverse Osmosis Water System?

    I looked into one after being impressed with the concept as used by Blissmobil, but the cost, time and water wasted makes the system as a whole not very vehicle friendly IMHO. A Unimog camper couple in Aus used one when parked up at the beach for a while, pumped sea water into a big inflatable...
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    On board Water System and Storage

    Can I ask how you stop a bladder from moving around as their volume changes?
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    My experience of solar producing pretty much nothing is a Scottish winter at around 57 degrees N, and Iceland in September at 65 degrees north. Ottawa has about the same latitude as Milan which I would consider tropical! Snow, cold and joking aside, the sun still has a lot of power there. We...