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    Realistic weight or length limits?

    I read about a family with a MAN Kat 1 6x6 touring Oz who had issues with the width only as far as it meant the tyres encountered all the sharp pointy roots that "normal" 4x4s drove within, lots of punctures. I would think "most" big campers at that show are thinking of North Africa though? The...
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    Hydronic Radiant Floor Idea and Feedback Request

    Heating you not the air is often suggested on low impact forums. K&H pet warming pads have a good reputation, 25W of mains heat under your seat makes a big difference it seems. Is hydronic easier and as efficient though? Under a mattress would keep the mould away at least.
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    Realistic weight or length limits?

    How many people? Do you want beds to be permanently in place or foldable, so how much living inside will you do (weather and trip length dependant) compared to living alongside? Three people with fixed beds in bad weather extended trips mean a long camper so a long chassis. Or two people with a...
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    Probably the best steps I have ever seen

    I only look at carbon or titanium these days ;)
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    Mercedes Overland Building/Tuning

    The seat may be sprung and no air? The biggest limit to maintaining momentum on our Mog with 200ish hp and at 9500kg was the big gap between 7th and 8th. If I had bought an overdrive it would have been much better (I assume) to be able to have seven and a half. But going from our previous...
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    Charging Both Ways

    I would have thought mains charging big lead acid starters would not be a get out of jail solution at the side of the road? 24 hours to fully recharge? So if possible I would look at splitting them so you can jump yourself? Or, spend lotsa cash and buy a pair of Victrom Buck boosters that can be...
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    Charging Both Ways

    Totally disconnect your house bank, rewire with sufficient jump leads to connect to your truck pair to start. You might just need a short length between two 12v house batteries, then two longer ones to reach the starters/chassis?
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    Dedicated Heating / Hydronics / Diesel heating thread

    Our one careful previous owner Mog camper had a 5KW hydronic Eberspacher which could happily get you past 35degC inside with snow out :) The insulation was a bit rubbish too, single pane roof lights. That was with a calorifier and an air blown heater matrix with four outlets at floor level...
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    Tow Bar vehicle recovery is dangerous!

    I asked ARB about front and rear recovery points for a 150 series Landcruiser/Prado. They said they don't sell a rear one and recommend you use the tow bar.
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    Tablets with WIFI + cellular or WIFI only?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 8" which has a sim and a removable swappable battery, gps, splashproof etc with pen so the touch screen works in the rain. Trying to use it as a phone is ridiculous unless you have an ear piece and carry it in some sort of bag. It's way too big to sensibly...
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    Best heater for extreme altitude

    Running at full power is one thing, saying that means you should go small is ridiculous. I would go at least 10KW, run full whack maybe with a bowl of water in front of the outlets, then strip off and enjoy your mobile steam room. Fewer visits to the launderette too :)
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    Best soft shackles made in the USA?

    I just received two from Spliceworks via FB which seems a better place to put my cash than ARB. Lifestyle Overland had a chat with him on YT if you wanna go look. But I just bought some 12mm end of line to have a play :)
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    Best soft shackles made in the USA?

    Are there different flavours of of this type of rope or as long as you have 1/2" for a shackle like this you are gtg? I see there are some differences in strand count for instance with Dyneema, but that is maybe getting a bit specialist?
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    Installation for Hydronic heater

    Looks nice :) If you had you clean the burn chamber can you remove it without removing the whole mount?
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    8x8 Man Kat

    Hiya. If you mean a MAN Kat 1 rather than its later versions, the engine being behind the cab means you can't make it into a double cab. As issued it seats three. Four could fit but would be a squeeze and probably get in the way of the gear change even with a kid sitting there. Roughly speaking...