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    Jeep Cj7

    Nice! Details... Year, engine, etc?
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    Cross country trip rifle?

    I personally would only take a concealed pistol. If something crazy happens I'd rather abandon the vehicle and hoof it with my pistol than have to worry about some long gun in a bag or left behind in the truck.
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    1964 F350 4x4 Camper

    This thing is totally rad. This and Dr. Marnaus's Wagoneer are my favorite vehicles on this forum. So much cooler than all the brand new rigs with RTTs, race suspension, and more electronics than a space ship. Keep up the good work!
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    ROXOR: The Willys CJ3 Reinvented

    I just don't really get it. If it was street legal, maybe. But it's still just a strangely proportioned Indian counterfeit Jeep CJ3 that costs twice as much as a basic Honda or Polaris side-by-side.
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    Adventure Jeans Review

    As far as jeans go the 5.11 Defender Flex Straight have been good for me so far and I have three pairs. I bought them at the grand opening of a local 5.11 store so I got them pretty heavily discounted. I actually prefer the fit and function of the 5.11 Stryke pants but the jeans fit pretty...
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    Adventure Jeans Review

    I'll spend money on pants and shoes/boots that fit well. Nothing worse than uncomfortable feet and man parts. 5.11 Tactical now offers jeans and I've been pretty pleased with them. Nice and stretchy too.
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    Is a Land Cruiser the right choice

    Sounds like a candidate for an E250 with good AT tires to me.
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Thanks! Actually that's stock size 265/70/17 in Load Range C; all stock suspension.
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Great looking truck. I'm curious about your beach driving with 235s though. Wouldn't a wide tire be better for that?
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    Trade my '14 4Runner for an '09 unicorn 4Runner?

    Yes I would break even on the 14 and then either write a check for the 09 or take a very short term loan. Ultimately the 14 will cost about $36k and the 09 about $17k.
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    Trade my '14 4Runner for an '09 unicorn 4Runner?

    Currently I have a 2014 4Runner Trail Edition with 30k miles that I bought this April. I basically owe what it's worth in trade. Great, beautiful truck. Today I found a 2009 4Runner Trail Edition with 115k miles listed for $17k. Yes, a real 4th gen Trail with e-locker and A-TRAC. It is in...
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    buying a new jeep

    Yeah, the slightly used dealer market is a different set of circumstances altogether. Most people vastly prefer a brand new vehicle over a 2-3 year old one when they see that it only "costs" 40-50 bucks extra per month on the payment. Also, the new car interest rates are generally lower, which...
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    buying a new jeep

    That's interesting. I've bought several Toyotas from my local dealer and they seem to prefer the financing discussion. I think that's where they make most of their money by folks who end up paying 4-5k in interest on big loans. My experience has been that it makes no difference when talking...
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    SR5 Tacoma 2014 - Tire questions

    What is the advantage or going C-range LT over P? I see in the case of the Toyo Open Country A/T II that the C-range LT is 45lb and 15.7/32" tread depth, while the P is 34lbs and 12.9/32" tread depth. So you gain a bunch of weight and a slightly deeper tread. Is it the sidewall strength that...