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    Tire and Wheel Options Needed

    Avoid the split rims. Dangerous!!!!!! 16 are nice size however. Let you go bigger on the brakes is so inclined. There is a 255 /85 /16 that works out to a 33 that several manufactures make.
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    Time for new tires<

    To clarify the KO2 was not tested. It was the old KO. I am running the KO2 in 285 75 16. I found my self suddenly running a LOT of hwy and downs sized from a 315 75 16. I picked up a full mpg maybe a little more. The 315's were causing the truck to hunt for a gear around 70mph on hills. The...
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    tmleadr03 builds up "The Tank" FZJ80

    Check the front axle vent and route it up the firewall. Same with the vent on the front locker actuator. Seems to be a real common issue that the vent gets plugged and then it pushes oil out the seals when it heats up and sucks the grease in from the knuckle when it cools down. Hence being...
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    Small Lightweight Battery, for non connected to tow rig use.

    It all comes down to capacity. The simple thing would be a jump box that you can charge from a wall plug or the cig plug of the tow vehicle. Now as for price....I bet wiring your tow vehicle and installing a $60 house battery on the trailer would be better and give you 5 times or more the charge...
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    How tall is too tall? And how long is too long for mild off road?

    Tired of sleeping on the ground. Have a little 4x6 cargo that I was going to out the stretch out to 8ft and make it a cargo camper with a kitchen in the back like a teardrop. I also have an interest in a larger cargo that I could put my motorcycle in and then use as a base camp. I ran across...
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    Matthewp's MuTTT (Multiple Terrain Tactical Teardrop).

    I wouldn't do it that way. I'd do it the way it's done on your car and the switch is on the ground leg. The frame of the trailer is going to be grounded to the battery. Run the positive to the light. Run the ground to the switch and from the switch to the frame. This is better for...
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    Weatherguard Drawers + Harbor Freight Trailer Build

    Cool idea! What brackets are you using to hold the box on? Looks a little on the light duty side. Is the 100 running the same lug pattern as the newer sequoia and truck? I swear there was a set on CL recently. Edit Same lug pattern but 20's off a tundra. It this is not the wheels I...
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    Building the AlumEscape

    Interesting suspension designe. Do you think you will need a sway bar?
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    My Strange Trailer

    Hubs are pretty cheap. If you pull the hub and get the measurements you could pick up a new 5 lug hub. Then you will match the truck.
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    My Strange Trailer

    Bummer. Thought jeeps were 5 x 4.5. That just Cherokees? I run a set of Cherokee wheels on one of my trailers.
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    My Strange Trailer

    You in north ga? I'd be willing to trade a 5x4.5 lug axle for yours if your spring pads are 48 on center.
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    5x8 Cargo Trailer Conversion

    This is the one I'm thinking about. Its tube frame and wall framing. 16 on center on the walls with a 16 on center option on the floor (and I'd likely get that, my BWM K1100 LT is 600+ lb) Upgrade to a 6 lug axle with brakes to match...
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    Utility trailer (removeable camper mod)

    Well the cool thing about the home built is you can do anything you want to it now as long as it doesn't have a good description. They changed some of the requirements trying to combat theft but all the really did is screw a bunch of home builders. There has been quite a few trailers...