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    FMTV for World Travel?

    Driving a military or similar vehicle at high speeds, creates heat. Very hard on drivetrain. And you have to consider braking a 12-14 ton vehicle even with exhaust brake and air brakes. Need a big dime to get it done!
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    FMTV for World Travel?

    Buy my Saurer 6dm with the 10dm Bosch fuel injection pump upgrade to 320hp. All done. Parts store in Zurich has everything you'd need for parts. Registered as a motorhome, located currently in Minnesota. Fly and drive. $75,000. Just changed all of the filters, and oil in engine and...
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    Wretched circumstances, hep

    check out in your area.
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    1985 Saurer 6dm Overland Vehicle for sale, $75,000

    7mpg on the way back at 50mph. Chugging away at the miles, in Kansas, two more days!
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    1985 Saurer 6dm Overland Vehicle for sale, $75,000

    Heading back from Baja once again! Price reduced, heading through AZ, NM, TX, OK, north along I-35 to Minnesota and Wisconsin. Ping me if interested in a look.
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    Ford F550 and the 7.3

    Watch out for service records, especially for the automatic transmission. If similar to F350 version, I haven’t looked, they don’t last long. Your results may vary of course.
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    Moab fatalities.

    Did that trail in a spring-over built YJ in 2001. Added a new word to my vocabulary; vertigo. Never been back!
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    Talk me into (or out of) an XJ

    Finding lower mileage units will be difficult. SW areas have rust free Jeeps, but you swear they live in them with all the miles. If your budget allows, look into an LJ. More space for hauling stuff, and has a frame! Love mine, now on Baja with us enjoying the sun!
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    Baja California

    Well, for all trips into Baja, you need a FMM tourist visa. On occasion, you might get stopped to produce that visa. At Mexicali West, immigration office is the white building on the left. Banjercito is there too, one stop!
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    "E-bike" mopeds more dangerous than motorcycles?

    I would never ride my e-bike in city traffic. Ours are for Baja beaches and picking up beer in small villages.
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    Looking at possibly buying a 2002 f350 7.3 Diesel -- Need help! Photos included

    If I were me, search Arizona Craigslist, and set your FB Marketplace to Phoenix, to look for one of these trucks. High mileage on most, but for 15k you should find a 100k miler or less. Flights are cheap!
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    Vehicle choice...

    We have a Saurer 6dm, similar to some of the larger MAN trucks, with a converted German army aluminum cargo box on the back. As tough of a truck this is, if I wasn’t a mechanic-hobbyist, I wouldn’t own a 35 year old military truck. With 7 filters, fuel, air, transmission, oil, coolant, air...
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    Sliding window 24x13.5

    Steel framed non-locking sliding window. 24x13.5x1.25 cutout. $50 plus freight. PayPal or other online payment ok. Dave Ps. Could be aluminum, kinda heavy but thick glass.