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    Unstable Unimog

    Any of the brakes seized? Drive it, and check for warmth.
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    1985 Saurer 6dm Overland Vehicle for sale, reduced price, $70,000

    Also, included is the German language owners manual, with complete details on the entire machine. Plus, fold out oil and grease diagrams. Google translate photo app, does a decent job of interpreting the technical jargon. Plus, fold outs of the cooling system, oil lubrication system, all...
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    1985 Saurer 6dm Overland Vehicle for sale, reduced price, $70,000

    More new stuff! Added a negative and positive bus to the battery bank. Cleaned up the wires quite well. Also added a battery monitor for a more accurate viewing of battery capacity.
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    2007 E450 Bigfoot 4x4 Class C RV - $56,000 (Portland)

    Dang, if our Saurer would only sell, I’d fly out and buy this! Better for my wife’s chronic back pain.
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    7.3 question

    These trucks have trannies that last about 150000 miles. Especially if they’ve been used to tow or push snow. Our 2001 f350 tranny lasted til 200000 miles, but died in Missouri three states away from our house. But, they have a HD version now that will outlast the truck.
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    Cassette toilet question/Observation

    Hmmm, our Thetford does not do that. We’re especially pleased with the operation of the unit, I installed ours myself, and spent last winter in Baja for six months using it. With two people, I dump it about every two to three days of camping. I like my beer, and try to use the outdoors whenever...
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    1985 Saurer 6dm Overland Vehicle for sale, reduced price, $70,000

    Today, I added a ‘city water’ valve to the side of the cabin. This will allow one to use the cold water tap at an RV park to run a cold water wash in the Spendide. Two valves to select from either interior or exterior water. Have a locking cover to add once it arrives. Nice to actually use the...
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    1985 Saurer 6dm Overland Vehicle for sale, reduced price, $70,000

    Cool! Saw your place from our little folding boat when we went fishing off Santispac last winter. Most likely, we'll drive our 'Helga' down once again, for trips to other beaches while our main focus is on Mulege, and Bahia Concepcion.
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    Overlanding w Toys - Options That Won't Break the Bank

    Check out electric bikes, not long distance like a motorcycle, but logistically easier to use and haul.
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    Foldable/Inflatable Boats?

    We have a 10 foot Porte Boat, and it's not quite what I'd describe, as a minimal setup! It takes a bit of time to install the four seats, and we have an older one with the removable transom. We use an electric motor and big battery, which adds more setup time, and the boat gets pretty heavy, so...
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    What generation 7.3L F250/F350 is better to start with?

    I had a 2001 F350 4x4 extended cab, off-road package, and now have a 1996 F250 extended cab, 4x4, rust free. The 2001 was a much better truck. Intercooled, as the '96 is not, felt a lot more modern. You can add an intercooler to the '96 truck, aftermarket, Banks I believe, or junkyard parts off...