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    Color of your popup tent camper and the heat?

    I have a black cargo trailer & it’s hot in the summer. I don’t see why a black camper would have higher resale value than a huge camper.
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    Leveling a camper for a propane fridge

    How heavy a toll do those fridges take on the camper’s battery. I’m thinking of one for my next camper but am afraid of not having enough battery for it.
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    Warn Trans4mer on Silverado 2500HD or any other

    The 8.1L w/ Allison. It raised the transmission temp to 200 in the summer without a load. Without the mount the transmission will run at 150.
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    Warn Trans4mer on Silverado 2500HD or any other

    I had the fab fours winch mount on my 2004 Chevy and I like it a lot. It looks nice and works great. I had to take it off because it made my transmission run too hot because it was blocking the air to the cooler. Something about the shape of it with the shape of the front of the truck it creates...
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    Rough Country Lights?

    I have a Rough Country led light bar on my pickup and it’s been great. It came with a good wiring harness, is easy to install and I’ve not had any trouble with it the 4 years I’ve had it.
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    Warn Trans4mer on Silverado 2500HD or any other

    I bought one once, and it didn’t fit the truck at all. Some of the pieces were so far off I had to go to the steel yard to get material to remake them on my own since calling them didn’t produce any help. Never bought a warn anything since. But there aren’t a lot of choices outside of bumpers.
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    Your insights on a few different options for first vehicle

    Overlander is AMLRV in Yakima, WA. They’ve been building Adventurer and Eagle Cap campers for a long time. They make good quality campers.
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    Lifting A Cargo Trailer?

    I’m going to to install this on mine. Will get rid of the 4” drop and there won’t be an axle tube to get hung up. The problem with just flipping the axle over is if you regularly load it to it’s capacity you can bend the axle because they have a camber to them, and...
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    Hydraulic Winch

    The Mile Markers work well & operate off the power steering pump.
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    The MUSEROAMER Project build. Episode 7 (Full Tour)!

    Been watching it. Awesome project.
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    Insurance for slide in campers

    You have to talk to insurance companies to find that out
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    Insurance for slide in campers

    Wherever you get your car insurance can do it. Good Sam & a couple others have rv specific insurance. It’s usually really cheap because you don’t need liability coverage on it.
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    She’ll recommendation -2019 F150

    I’ve had a leer on my pickup 2-1/2 years now & I'm pretty happy with it. No problems and it doesn’t leak at all. The Thule bars on top are very handy.
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    XPCamper goes out of business, files for bankruptcy?

    I mentor and coach in an entrepreneurship program in the county I live in and see this over and over. Most small business owners like doing whatever it is they do, but they don’t like doing the business part of it, especially the bookkeeping. Even when confronted by their downward spiral they...
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    Running a Stock Rig ???

    Stock chevy pickup, here. It takes me a lot of places. When it can't go further, my feet take me the rest of the way.