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    New Fuso 4x4

    We have a 2004. My 2 cents are that if you are doing anything other than forest service roads get a Fuso with a 2 speed transfer case. The Duonic is Moronic.
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    Be vary skeptical of a source stating radius and diameter are interchangeable. Just sayin. Lol.
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    SMB West Coast done as we know it

    Is there a thread for this yet?
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    Is 4x4 really necessary for a cabover build?

    Poorly written on my part. . Generally speaking, in my opinion only, an auto Fuso without a two speed transfer case has a more limited audience than a Fuso with one. Hence, the demand for said is reduced. And thus the resulting price and ability to sell reflects that. . I personally would...
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    Is 4x4 really necessary for a cabover build?

    Ha! That’s funny. I didn’t read all of the posts. forget just 4wd, I have had to bail myself out with the low transfer case in multiple occasions. i suspect this is why new Fuso Earthcruiser’s and the such at not getting their ‘value’. The 2 speed transfer case is a must. Oh and and yes...
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    GXV Adventure Truck; how many here?

    Awning shots always have me chuckling.
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    Unimog S404.0 300TDI Expedition Camper

    27k. Let me look into shipping.
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    Fuso 4wd grind

    Thanks Dan. I like ea$y
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    Fuso 4wd grind

    Thanks guys. Not sure I would have ever figured that out. Amazing what you can’t learn after 10’s of thousands of miles.
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    Fuso 4wd grind

    Just had all the fluids change now I grind shifting to 4 hi on the fly. Any thoughts?
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    Why are other full size SUV's not used in overlanding/offroading as often as Forerunner/Landcruiser?

    Just checked the classifieds. Of the first 10 listings we have 3 American and 5 Japanese. Median year American 2014. Median year Japanese 1997. yes I know it is literally only a snapshot. I think it speaks to the quality, reliability and durability of the older rigs. . As the owner of a...