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    Differential Breather, but what about transfer case

    Quoting your comment about 2006+ FJ Cruisers having the extended breathers for front diff and transmission, do you know if this applies to the Lexus GX470 also?
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    +++ForSale: BFG KO2, KM3, AEV, ARB, Rugged Ridge, Smittybilt

    Hey I PM'd you about a few items, didn't hear back just checking... thx
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    WTB: Foxwing/Batwing tapered zipper extensions

    Awesome thx for the suggestion I'll check it out
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    WTB: Foxwing/Batwing tapered zipper extensions

    These are not the same as the "2.5m awning extension" that is just square/rectangle. The zippered extension is flared so they can be zipped together to enclose the area under the awning. Prefer gently/rarely used but will consider what you have. I'm looking for 2 or maybe even 3 at a good price...
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    FS: Brand New Rhino Rack Left Batwing Awning + Awning Extension

    I'll buy the extension if you'll sell separately, PM me, thx
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    NEW Foxwing 2.5 awning - LHS - Make Offer- Northeast

    Any chance you have a tapered extension to sell?
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    FS Foxwing Awnings and Tagalong Tents SOLD OUT

    Same here he is probably tied up, they sell mainly military trailers. But I got the awning pretty quick
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    WTB: GX470 ARB Bumper

    Appreciate you posting if any success on this just for a reading on how many leads there are or aren't. thx
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    Big Tuffy Tactical Drawer

    How much do they weigh and anything on the bottom to bolt them in?
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    Lexus GX 460 & 470 owner's thread

    I gather used options have really dried up in the past 2 years. We got an 09 from a Land Rover dealer complete with a warranty that just paid for a new OEM front axle. It was Lexus serviced (you can look this up on Lexus site with VIN) and 46k miles or so. Appeared to me it had been a grocery...
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    Just picked up a GX470 looking for build advice

    Just to add to some of the comments here - I think a lot of us don't realize how capable these trucks are just as stock vehicles. I was just out in CO in Flat Tops and one of the guys brought his 100% stock 80 series (including running boards) and once out we realized his front shocks were...
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    GX470 info and opinions

    I own a 2009 that has seen limited off road use thus far, though literally on my first time out on the beach I recovered a stuck vehicle. The GX performed very well in soft dry sand. A few complaints I've read about but have not run into myself (from people that really wheel these a lot) is not...