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    Anybody running 235/80/17’s on a full size?

    I have a 235/85r16 on my f150. They're skinny for sure. They work well aired down. To support a given weight, they need more pressure than a larger volume tire. This can make them a bit harsh. So I find myself airing down/up/down/up much more often than when I had 33x10.5 tires. The higher...
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    Best Weld Through Bumper Clevis Mount for 9,000 lbs + Truck?

    For reference a 1996 f350 frame is 1/4" thick.
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    Proper shock length

    I opted for the 7100 reservoir model. Like a rebuildable and revalvable 5165 for close to the same price. The 5165 is welded shut, once it's done it's done. Don't like the valving? Buy a different set of shocks. The 7100 can be rebuilt, so if you change the oil occasionally they should last the...
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    Cooper STT Pro vs ST Maxx vs Geolandar G003 vs Falken

    I've liked my Falken at3w tires. About 2.5 years now, 40k miles, 30% tread left. They've impressed me everywhere except mud. I'm running a 235/85R16 and the tread is tighter on them than larger sizes, so maybe bigger sets work a bit better in mud. I'd buy them again and recommend them for what...
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    2020 Ram 5500 DIY Composite Panel Camper Build Thread

    After having a three point mount on my flatbed camper setup for a few years, I'd consider a four point (diamond shape) mount setup on a bigger rig. The three point I have sways even with shocks on it. Four point would be more stable, without shocks, and simplify load distribution a bit over a...
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    Rear Shock Suggestions

    I've had 4600 and 5100 on my half ton with a camper, no shock issues in 5 years. But then my roommate with a little Tacoma had a complete failure on a 5100 rear with only a few years use. Super light truck, but daily it sees some gravel roads. It dumped all of its oil and locked up. His buddy's...
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    Skinny vs wide tires pros/cons

    Skinny works good for me but they do suck if at high pressure off pavement. My truck varies in weight a bunch depending on what I'm doing so I'm adjusting pressure often. 15 psi empty off-road, 18-20 with camper, 40psi on road empty, 45-50 psi on road with camper, 60psi with a heavy load on...
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    The $264 1991 F250. Talk some sense into me

    3G alternator upgrade over the fire prone 2G would be a good idea.
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    The working - camping OBS F-350

    What tire size is on the OBS now?
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    Extending Cab over on grandby

    I don't have any measurements, and I have a Fleet versus Grandby. But you're welcome to check out my build thread to see if anything helps. Post #11 is likely your best bet.
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    Falken Wildpeak AT3W Long Term?

    Yeah they're great on snow and ice. My truck serves as a powder chaser in winter (Wyoming based), so I usually am seeking out the days when roads are barely open. Extensive full depth siping gives them plenty of biting edges. I've never run true winter tires but these are solid in my opinion...
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    Falken Wildpeak AT3W Long Term?

    I've had a set in 235/85R16 for just under 2 years and about 25k miles. They're at 50% tread depth left. This is on a pickup that weighs about 6500lbs most of the time, with occasional runs close to 7k or as light as 5k. On road I run 40-50psi, off road 18-22psi. I usually aim to cruise highways...
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    Extending Cab over on grandby

    Some form of polyurethane construction adhesive from home depot, nothing too fancy. My interior panels are just a plastic sheet type material, seems to hold fast.
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    Extending Cab over on grandby

    @BajaSurfRig I can't say I recall for sure. Maybe 1.25" long #10 or #12? I know I predrilled and countersunk them. I also bonded the wood to the camper interior. It's still very solid.
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    Load E Tires

    They're not good. Load right up in mud. I agree with you though, they're working great for me thus far (about 20k miles).